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Thursday, September 1, 2011

TV Show and Tell: True Blood, Season 4, Episode 10

Before we begin, let me just say:

It's September?! When did that happen!?


Let's go.

So, the episodes leading up to this point have had some in-your-face highs, a few wtf lows, and a whole lotta I-could-care-less moments in between. BUT. The heat is soooo on. It's gotten really good.

and I have a feeling it's gonna get even better.

Read on.

Episode nine ends with Marntonia and Roy causing havoc on the Vampire Tolerance event.
That'll do, Roy. That'll do.
She brought along our good friend, Eric:
and made some new ones, too. The vampire sheriffs of Louisiana.
Now playing for the other team: Sheriffs Duprez, Blackburn and Kirsh.
After ordering the vamps to terrorize the humans in attendance, Marntonia commands them to "kill the King." This puts our KingBilland Nan on the defense. It's refreshing to see Nan really get her fang on.
Suit jacket, pearls, fangs and blood. Total Class.
Bill, on the other hand, was indisposed.
But you took my lunch money yesterday! =(
Always the boyscout, Bill came prepared. He pulls out a gun and shoots Eric, Duprez and Kirsch with silver bullets. Being the oldest strongest vampire in Lousiana, Eric heals immediately and resumes his mission of killing Bill.

Oh, and Sookie was there too. After her initial (futile) attempts at screaming and pleading with Eric, she done and got her fae on.
Since nobody really advertises Sookie's super-secret super-heritage, just about everybody was shocked. Particularly:
WTF?! - Roy. OMGOMGOMG!!! - Marntonia
Aw HELL no! - Nan.
Sookie's fairie light magic not only breaks Marntonia's necromancy on Eric, but it also lifts the spell that took away Eric's memory. Which means Eric'll probably hang up the denim and go back to leather. =D

Feeling a break in her spell connection, Marntonia starts to doubt her objectives. More specifically, Antonia is troubled by the collateral damage: the injury and probable deaths of dozens of innocent humans.
That is, like, so sadI mean, Ayayay.

Speaking of collateral damage, let's check in with the sheriffs, shall we?

Blackburn: Staked by Nan.
No, Nan! Not the PENCIL!!!

Kirsch and Duprez: Still under Marntonia's control.
...and this is where I keep my spare vamipres...

No longer under Marntonia's spell, Eric, along with Bill, turns his attention to Marntonia. In a wave of her arms, Marntonia quickly escapes with Roy, Kirsch and Duprez in tow.

You have to admit, Nan's PR skills and damage control is pretty impressive. One minute she's opening up a can of true death on a vampire sheriff, and the next she's thinking about "image", and then after that she warmly goes into the crowd of survivors informing them that she is a certified and caring first responder.


At Bill's House

Jessica is nonplussed by Jason's pleas of glamouring. He wants to forget what happened between them. She tells him it sucks for her to hear that, and asks who's supposed to make her forget? Awww Jess.
Humans... UGH.
Jessica is POed and leaves Jason to sulk while she finds a human to feed on.
Inside the mansion, Bill confronts Nan about her agenda, and after they argue, he reveals his agenda, and then they argue again. Bill's agenda: to eliminate Marnie by blowing up the Moon Goddess Emporium.
Oh Nan, don't give me those sad puppy dog eyes. Betch.

Downstairs, Sookie and Eric awkwardly talk about how he has his memory back.
Let's see who can move that bottle with their mind.
Fortunately, the drama was broken (added to) when Pam enters and is tearfully reunited with her maker at last.
"Well...thanks," - Pam to Sookie.
Bill comes down from his office and informs Sookie, Eric and Pam of his plans to blow up the coven-house. Sookie is distressedTara and a number of humans are still trapped there, Eric is indifferent, and Pam "is sooo in".

Speaking of Tara, I'd like to present this season's surprisingly enjoyable tandem: Tara and Holly:
Say what now?

In Shifter News:

I'll admit I was never a fan of Tommy Mickens, but it sure was sad to see him go.
"You were the best part of my life," - Tommy to Sam. ='(
Sam and Alcide grieve over Tommy's body.

And while Alcide is busy consoling Sam, Debbie is doing "this".
Bow-Wow Chica Wow Wow! Debbie and Marcus wanna make some puppies!
And by "this", I mean Marcus.


At Casa de Bellefleur:

Terry and Arlene stage an intervention.
Terry and Arlene are upset with Andy for not just being hooked on V, but for bringing V into the house with their two small children. Terry's solution was to take Andy to:
Fort Bellefleur.
The cousins do a lot of posturing, talking, I-got-it-worse-than-you-ing, tin-can-shooting, rooting and tooting. And some of this:
Rollin' in the hay.
After their little tussle Andy promises that he'll stay clean. Hmmm... I guess we'll see.

At the Moon Goddess Emporium:

We see a crack in the Marnie-Antonia union.
Antonia's spirit exits Marnie's body to tell her of her reservations. She says that in her life she was a healer, she only turned to necromancy to control death, to protect her village from illness. Seeing the lives of the innocent harmed was not part of her plan.

Marnie, on the other hand, turns out to be more in control than we thought. She has hated the vampires from the start and the human lives lost against her war against the vamps is a small price she is more than willing to pay. Finally, Marnie manages to convince Antonia to finish what they started and the two fuse into one once more.
Betch, you craaazy!

I know, right?!?!
OK, fine... Let's do this. Open up.

At King Bill's Mansion:

Another sleepover! Yay!
Aside from Nan, Bill and Jessica had more houseguests:
Don't you have a futon or something?
"I don't care what happens, as long as I get to kill sh!t!!!" - Jess, huwhatta darlin'.
Eeew!!! Someone farted!
One happy fang-mily.

On Days of Our Human Lives:

Jason is shocked to see Hoyt at his doorstep. Reluctantly, he invites him in.
Distance on so many levels.
After his awkward encounter with Hoyt, Jason goes over to Sookie's house for some foodums. While he enjoyed his bacon, eggs and orange juice, Sookie asks for his help. Reluctantly, he agrees.

They go to Lafayette's house where they convince Laffy and Jesus to help them rescue Tara before the Louisiana vamps go and blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium to smithereens.
We shoulda' brought egss... and toilet paper...
They decide that Jesus would be the best suited to go in and speak to Marnie (thinking that she's helpless, unaware that it's really she who is calling the shots now). He gets about halfway to the front door when this happens:
Magical Protection?! Whould' thunk?

Inside, some trouble's a brewin'. Marntonia senses the perimeter breach and goes to investigate. Sensing a crack in Marntonia's concentration, Ebony and Ivory cast a spell of their own:

Marntonia confronts Jesus outside of the Moon Godd...MGE and tells him that in order for her to trust him, he must cross the protective barrier. He complies and this happens:
Oh, BTdubs, I have a Demon Guide.
Super impressed, Marntonia welcomes Jesus back into the fold. Jesus finally discovers Marnie's true inclinations and warns Sookie via telepathy. At this point, the spell that Salt and Pepper cast is complete and the protective barrier around the MGE is lifted. Holly and Tara make a mad dash for the exit. Seeing the two, Sookie, Laffy and Jason run to meet them. However, Marntonia is too quick for them and
Marntonia (re)captures not only Holly and Tara, but Sookie and Lafayette as well, leaving poor Jason alone, confused and wishing he were somewhere else.

Episode ten ends with what I feel is the coolest and most anticipation-inducing cliffhangers yet:

The Vamp Assault on the Moon Goddess Emporium:
Now THAT is one badass group of mothereffin' fangers!

I really really hope that the following episodes will be kadooper action-packed, and not just five minutes of fighting, then lots of re-grouping, bickering, and drama-mongering. Let's see some fangs, and speed and blood and dead witches!

I mean, come on, most of the supers (well, the interesting ones at least) and the humans with abilities are going to be in the same building. This has got be big.





Images, as usual, are screen grabs.

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