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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pensieve: Stay Tuned!

So I've been MIA since Friday, both from blogging and from the real world (the Beets can attest to this) because I had been given a totally random project. I've been hired to write a report on Internal Auditing. So me, right? Not. Très randomI know.

Anyway, rest assured that a bunch of posts have been brewing in my head. Watch out for titles like (in no particular order): Rules to Live By; Speaking of Beets...; True Blood Season 4, Episode 10 (PS. So goood!); A Baby Vamp's Baby Blog; the Sims Social Procrastinationsville; and Hummus, More Like Yummus! among others.

Note that I may not actually end up using these titles... But they're swimming in my head right now.

I just need to submit this dang project tomorrow (or hopefully within the next few hours) and will get to blojjing right away.

So, yeah.

Stay tuned!

Oh... even if I've been a total hermit, here are a couple of persona highlights from the VMA's.

Jay - Z's baby came IN Beyoncé. Beyoncé came as Scary Spice.
Lady GaGa came as a man: Jo Calderone.
Nicki Minaj came as Lady GaGa.
And little Justin Bieber came as Elton John. And just like Elton, the Biebs is a "snake charmer." Boo-YAH!



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