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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TV Show and Tell - True Blood, Season 4, Episode 9

Ok, I was a bit taken aback by how episode Nine started. The previous episode ended with the Witches and the Vamps in the midst of battle. This episode starts and all of a sudden the battle's over? Wait, what? What happened? How did it end? Did everyone just decide to go home?

Anyway, this episode begins with Alcide and Bill huffing and puffing over who gets to save Sookie.
Let's stare her awake!
Isn't it weird how one second Bill's neck and face are covered in silver, and then he's zooming to save Sook? I dunno, I'm bothered by how we'll never know how he managed to escape Holly and Roy (who as we later see both survived without a scratch as well).

Bill forces his blood into Sookie's unresponsive mouth. There's a quite a bit of V-taking going on in this episode.
Come on, Sook. I know you want it.
"I want it!" says Andy.
"Me three!!!" says Debbie.

Sookie has a V induced dream wherein she encounters both vampiresBill and Eric; a first in V-induced wet dreams. Here she tells both Bill and Eric that she can love them both, that they share her or it's over. Classy.
MMF: Multiple Man-Fangs. Huwhaaaat a strumpet. Loves it.
Random thought: We've seen humans who have been given Vamp blood as a healing salve get sex dreams about their benefactors (Sookie-Eric and Bill, Jason-Jessica, Sam-Bill). I wonder, do V users get sex dreams about their drug sources as well? Hmmmm...

Anyhow, at the Moon Goddess Emporium:
The coven reconvenes safely (again without us any wiser of how they escaped the cemetery). Marnie shows the coven her newest recruit: Eric.
The coven is not impressedexcept for simple Roy.
"Say what now?!" says Holly, who's looking very much alive and confused.
Marnie then gives the coven a threatening ultimatum: If you stand in my way, you will be dealt withexcept you Roy, Good Boy.

On the Real Shifter Wives of WereVille:
Sam has totally won Luna over and the two take little Emma camping.
Gee, Mommy, I'm sure what we're doing is really really REALLY pissing my real daddy off!
Marcus is really really REALLY pissed off. He talks Alcide into having his back.
Cheers, ya filthy sonofabetch.
Later, Marcus pays a visit to Merlotte's and finds Tommy Mickens behind the bar. He asks Tommy to give Sam a message when he sees him. Tommy says he will. At the appointed time, Sam appears at Marcus' garageand gets the poop beat out of him.
But it's not really Sam, because Sam's busy doing this:
(and by this I mean Luna)
Oh no you didn't?!

Oh Tommy... Are you skinwalking again? Yep. You're so fired.
Ooouuuch. My soul hurts. Waaaah.
Alcide was already antsy about Marcus and his pack of thugs beating the living daylights out of Sam. When it was revealed that it was in fact Tommy that the Weres were whaling on, he lost it. He's all growls and scary eyes at Marcus and the other wolves as he picks up Tommy's body and carries him to safety. I smell a dogfight!

Arlene and Terry are freaking out over the disappearance of little Mikey.
"Ngwhaaa?" says Jason. "OMFG!!!" says Arlene. "Ima cut you." says Terry. "I just made a poopoo." says Andy.
Oh there he is!
Is there anything cuter than a demon-child in the arms of an armed and possessed medium? I think not.
Mavayette goes to the site of where her old home used to be: Hoyt's house. At gunpoint, s/he orders him out of the house and he calls Jason for help. Jason soon arrives, followed closely by Arlene, Terry and Andy (who's hopped up on V and is of no use) and later on by Jesus.
Mavis. PLEASE. Can I borrow that head-scarf?!
After speaking with the spirit of Mavis, Jesus discovers that she was murdered by her lover and was buried just outside the house. As Jesus, Jason, Hoyt and Terry dig, they soon discover Mavis' and her baby's remains. Jesus finally manages to convince Mavis to release Lafayette's body, and Jason, Arlene, Terry, Hoyt and Andy become witnesses to the emancipation.
I fart dead people. says Lafayette.

Throughout the spirit ordeal, Jason Stackhouse remains cool, calm, collected and impressively responsible.
Stop being such a betch, Andy!

However, when he is called upon by Hoyt for a more personal favor, he starts to buckle. After stumbling upon an old cd of Jessica's, Hoyt decides to purge his home of all things Jess.
That was like, way harsh, Hoyt...
Hoyt asks Jason to take the box to Jessica. But instead of simply doing this:
Hey Monster, Hoyt sent me with your crap.
He just had to go and do this too:
Ba-Ba-Ba-Bow-Chica-Wow-WOW!!!   Is that a chainsaw?! Kinky!!!
(and by this I mean Jessica)

Earlier in the episode Jessica had some girl-time with Auntie Nan.
Somebody please stake me now... thinks Nan to herself, or stake this wimpy baby vampire.
As expected, Nan did not show Jessica the compassion she usually shows on the air. Bill later arrives and the three of them prepare to have a sleepovervampire red alert style.
After painting their nails and braiding each others' hair, the three bind themselves in silver.

You know who else did some girl-bonding?

Sookie and Debbie! For real!
Sookie, I swear I won't eat you. says Debbie.
After looking into Debbie's mind, Sookie finally believes her and asks for her help.

Later that night, Sookie and Debbie drive to the Moon Goddess Emporium. Debbie distracts Marntonia by pretending to pledge her werewolf allegiance as Sookie goes into the back to find Eric. The secret mission becomes not so secret as Tara points a gun at Sookie.

After reading Tara's mind, Sookie finds out that the entire covenexcept Good Boy Royare actually being held against their will. Tara also 'tells' Sookie of Marntonia's plan to take Eric to the hotel where the Vampire Tolerance event is being held and to ultimately have him kill Bill. Sookie fake-tackles Tara and gets away.
Move betch! Get out the way!
Also, despite Sookie's mind-reading abilities, I think Debbie was actually planning to give her up to Marntonia in hopes of getting Sookie out of her and Alcide's lives. However, Sookie does not hear Debbie sell her out to Marntonia and asks Debbie to drive her to the hotel anyway.

At the hotel:
Bill and Nan put on their friendly public faces.
Somebody stake me now... thinks Nan to herself, or stake this stupid idiot beside me.
Bill and Nan have been having a lot to disagree about lately. Bill thinks that Nan is weaker and dumber than she thinks because A) She doesn't have a clue as to what's really going on (or she doesn't care). B) She's just a puppet for the AVL. I have a feeling that as usual, Nan is holding back on some pretty important information.

Also, while doing some internet snooping, I read somewhere that a 'main' character may be killed off this season. The only hint Executive Producer Alan Ball has given us is that this character thinks that they are powerful and in control. I have a strong feeling it's Nan... I hope I'm wrong. She's kind of a betch and I like her.

While Nan and Bill are all smiles inside, the remaining vampire sheriffs of Louisiana are made to stand guard outside.
Vampire sheriffs Blackburn, Duprez and Kirsch: straight up chillin'.
Moments later, Eric shows up. The vampire sheriffs zoom after him and in an instant he is cornered.

But the whole thing was a trap:
I'll get you my pretties, and your little King, too!
Using necromancy, Marntonia now has Eric and the three sheriffs under her control. During Bill's speech, Sookie rushes into the theater trying to warn Bill at which point Marntonia orders the sheriffs to disembowel some human security guards in plain view of the attendees. After throwing the bodies off of the balcony, the three vampires then zoom into the crowd and go on a killing spree. The attack was caught on film by a human attendee:
They fly through the air with the greatest of ease...
And finally, with a nod of her head, Marntonia orders Eric to go in for the kill. He zooms towards Bill's direction and the episode ends with this image of Sookie:
OMG!!! It's Justin Bieber!!!
Kidding. She screams: "RUN!"

Almost done.

As a bonus I present a teaser clip of the last three episodes


So far, this season has been doing a really good job of teasing. I mean, every episode ends with such a great cliffhanger, but as you start the next episode you get somewhat disappointed because the action fizzles out and the interest and meat of it all gets spread too thin over too many subplots.

However, with more internet snooping, I've read that the remaining episodes are supposed to be super kadooper action-packed. 

Here's crossing our fingers.

Til next time!

Images are screen grabs.
Teaser video is from YouTube.

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