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Monday, September 26, 2011

TV Show and Tell: ANTM All-Stars Episode 2

Gosh... After the end of this episode, I'll have to say I'm disappointed...

Let's do this.

After Brittany's elimination, the remaining girls get all giddy over this season's prizes.
Prizes! Yay! Aaaand Brittany's gone!
This season's prizes include:
A spread with Vogue Italia
An exclusive blog with Vogue IT
A cover and spread in Beauty in Vogue
A celebrity guest correspondent for Extra
A national campaign with Express
A $100,000 contract with Covergirl

The girls arrive back at the mansion and congratulate Isis on her top photo.
"Who's that gorgeous girl right there?! Jesus is my Daddy!" - Isis King

Later, the girls react to Brittany's elimination. Enter Angelea:
"Brittany left... I was just, like... Oh well!" - Angelea Preston haha

Sheena talks about the difficulties of being an Asian-American model.
"Are they waiting for someone who's half-Asian? To ease their way into the market?" - Sheena; "Girl, they just need a full-blown Sheena!" - Shannon

Later on, the girls play dress-up but are interrupted by Tyra's arrival. She introduces them to Martin Lindstrom, a branding specialist. He gives the girls the cold hard facts on how the public really sees them. He tells them that the best way to reinforce their personal brand is to stick to one word that is the most strongly associated with their persona/brand.
Listen up, betches!
He gives each of the girls the one word they should always remember and consider when thinking of their brand. Most of the girls' words were pretty spot on. Other (Kayla's) word explanations left a bitter taste in my mouth. The words are:

Martin asked Kayla what was the one thing that differentiated her from the other girls. Kayla immediately answers "LGBT". Martin shakes his head at her answer saying that being a lesbian was hip five years ago. Naturally, Kayla was offended (as am I) and Isis is seen shaking her head too. Kayla says that being a lesbian and a part of the LGBTQ community will always be represented by her brand.

When it came to Shannon's word, Martin said that when the public was polled, the values and words they gave him about Shannon were well, boring. Shannon says she doesn't think she's boring. Angelea, once again, disagrees:
"What do you expect?! You boring bitch." - Angelea

Bianca was given the word "candid". After Martin left the mansion, Bianca showed the other girls exactly just how candid she can be by stirring up some drama.
I-wanna-be-a-lady my butt.

The girls react maturely and don't really give into her outbursts.
"Childish." - Camille

By this point, we've seen Camille and Angelea with their hair hidden under scarvesas well as most of the other girls. Check it out:
Lisa cussing: classy

All these head scarves can only mean one thing...

The next day, the girls meet Mr. Jay at a studio and are later joined by Miss Jay and special guest, Ashlee Simpson.
Ashlee looking super ka-yuuuut! And some of the girls were lookin good too!

As expected, the girls were due for their Ty-Overs (Tyra Make-over)!

Most of the girls looked exactly the same after their Ty-overs, only a few went through some major changes.
Angelea gets a softer warmer chocolate brown.
Lisa getting her hair chopped off. She fussed over it a bit, but not as much as
Bre, who almost quit the show. I kinda wish she did...
Bre kinda got on my nerves for making a scene after getting her haircut. But she didn't annoy me half as much as this girl:
Alexandria, duh.

One of the highlights of this episode (along with Angelea's betchy one-liners) is Isis' imitation of Alexandria's reaction. Observe:
You should really just watch the episode. Isis' face is priceless in motion.
But seriously, betch. STFU.
Kayla weirded out by Alexandria. Oh, and she also went back to red.

Is it just me or is Dominique looking extra Drag-alicious this cycle?
Dominique: lovechild of a Drag Queen and the Lion King's Simba.

After the makeovers, the Jays enter bearing trays of Pink's Famous Hotdogs. Not only are they being served for lunch, but are the center of that day's photoshoot challenge. The All Stars were required to design their own hotdog sandwich, and pose with it while selling the hotdog and their own branding word.
In case you didn't know it, we LURVE hotdogs!!!

My favorite hotdog would have to be Lisa's.
The Skinny Little Bitch.

Most of the girls did ok, others like Kayla, Camille and Sheena weren't performing as well as everybody hoped. Lisa, Laura and Bianca received praise from Mr. Jay.

After the photoshoot, some of the girls felt nervous about the upcoming judging.

At panel:
Thirteen beautiful girls stand before me...

Loved (in no particular order): Lisa, Laura, Isis, Sheena, Bianca, Allison

Super boring: Shannon and Camille

What is going on?!: Kayla, Angelea and Dominique

Time for you to go: Alexandria, Bre, Shannon and Camille

The Judges Call-out order: 
Lisa: Top PhotoI agree.
Bianca: Runner-up for Top Photo. I hate to admit it but this picture's really cute.
Alexandria: should thank her lucky stars she was put in this dress. I seriously think the dress and styling did most of the work in this photo.
Laura: Loved this pic.
Angelea: I dunno, there's something about this pic that doesn't work for me.
Dominique: Not as draggy, I mean wait, those hands!
Shannon: I'll admit, this picture's pretty good. But it's mostly the shape of the dress. Shannon is sooooo boring!
Allison: I think she should have been called earlier on.
Isis: Should've been called earlier too...
Bre: I expected her to be in the bottom two. Lackluster attitude plus mediocre "spark-less" photo.
Camille: I think she's going soon. She has a great body, but look at this picture. The pose is so contrived and she's a bit boring, too.

With eleven girls already safe, Sheena and Kayla are left in the bottom two.

Kayla was criticized for not really drawing from her branding word "free" and delivering a mediocre photo. But as Laura said, "How do you make a hotdog gay and lesbian and free?"

Sheena landed in the bottom two because the judges feel that she is unable to capture her personality and spark in a photo (Bullcrap). The judges also said that there is nothing "unexpected" about her photo (which I think was still pretty). I think this is even more bullcrap. I mean, the other girls didn't look particularly tough, proud, persistent or survivor-esque in their photographs. I think the concept of this photoshoot was kind of a flop.
Kayla: not too free...
Sheena: deemed ordinary and not "unexpected"...
Ultimately, Kayla was saved and Sheena was unexpectedly sent home =(

So after two episodes and two eliminations, I have seen two of my favorite and most memorable All Stars go. Not gonna lie, I didn't expect Brittany to make it super far this cycle, but I didn't think she'd be the first to go. Sheena on the other hand I could see making it past halfway.

I'm disappointed to see two strong vivacious women go before the catty, bratty and boring ones. Well, if another one of my favorites goes next episode, then I'm not sure if I can take it...

For an exclusive post-elimination interview with Sheena, click here.

Til next time!

Keep smizing!

Pink's Images from:
Other images are screen grabs

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