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Saturday, September 10, 2011

TV Show and Tell: America's Next Top Model—All Stars

I don't watch a lot of television, so the shows that I do tune in to, I do so with dedication (obsession). Aside from True Blood and RuPaul's Drag Race, another show I love love LOVE is America's Next Top Model!!! The newest season is bound to bring a whole lotta drama, fashion, fierceness and smizing as it'll be the series' first



This season, 14 of our favorite (and most detested) girls from the series' past 16 cycles will have another chance at becoming America's Next Top Model.

They are:

Surfer Chic.

Alexandria Everett 
22 / 5'10" / Newport Beach, California
Cycle 16 /  4th Place / Cycle Winner: Brittani

I'm gonna be honest, Alexandria is fierce. BUT her attitude stinks. She is more than capable of producing gorgeous high fashion shots, but her inability to play well with others leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. Stillshe'll probably make it far in this cycle.

Lolita Chic.

Allison Harvard
22 / 5'10" / New Orleans, Louisiana
Cycle 12 / Runner-up / Cycle Winner: Teyona

With an affinity for blood (nosebleeds in particular), Allison is definitely one of the stranger beans in the bunchwhich is why I like her. She has proven her versatility in her own cycle, but I am uncertain if the uniqueness of her look (those eyes are insane) still possess the novelty that carried her to the finals of cycle 12. I'm hoping she'll make it at least halfway.

Ghetto Chic.

Angelea Preston
25 / 5'11" / Buffalo, New York
Cycle 14 / 3rd Place / Cycle Winner: Krista

I have a love-hate relationship with Angelea. On the one hand I love her never-give-up-do-what-it-takes underdog determination, but on the other hand, she's kind of mean and a bully. Her ability to produce some high-fashion expensive-looking shots served her well in her season. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of her this time around, too.

Strumpet Chic.

Bianca Golden
22 / 5'11" / Queens, New York
Cycle 9 / 4th Place / Cycle Winner: Saleisha

Oh, Bianca. With her, it's definitely a hate-hate relationship.  She's mean and spiteful and bitter. I'll admit she is the most improved of her season, with a well-deserved 4th placing, but her penchant for provoking and picking on the other girls (particularly, Lisa, Heather and Chantal) makes her utterly undesirable. I mean, you'd want to root for her, but she is just so evil. I wouldn't miss her if she were eliminated first.

Headache Chic.

Bre Scullark
26 / 5'8" / Harlem, New York
Cycle 5 / 3rd Place / Cycle Winner: Nicole

Bre has the same air as Yaya of cycle three. She possesses a false sense of maturity and sophistication (i.e. she thinks she's better than everyone else) and I wouldn't mind if she didn't make it too far this cycle.

Class Clown Chic.

Brittany Brower
29 / 5'11" / Tallahassee, Florida
Cycle 4 / 4th Place / Cycle Winner: Naima

I am unsure about how Brittany will fare this cycle. Don't get me wrong, I really like her look and most especially her fun-loving attitude. However, that same devil-may-care sensibility was what got her kicked off her cycle (Translation: lack of focus/unprofessional) along with a BS comment that she "lost her spark". Pull it together B!

Betchy Chic.

Camille McDonald
33 / 5'10" / New Rochelle, New York
Cycle 2 / 5th Place / Cycle Winner: Yoanna

I don't remember much of cycle two, but i do remember that Camille was your typical Queen B (as in Betch.) She was confrontational and demeaning. Judging from this draggedy picture, I think she was cast to stir up some trouble in the model house and not for her modeling potential.

W.T.F. Chic.

Dominique Reighard
26 / 5'9" / Columbus, Ohio
Cycle 10 / 4th Place / Cycle Winner: Whitney (EEW!)

Despite her general unpredictability, one thing is for sure about this mouthy model: Dominique loves Dominique. Deemed most improved in her season (I agree), but also slightly inconsistent, Dominique could soar towards a top rank or crash and burn. I mean, that picture...? Duh-raggg queeeen!

Tranny Chic.

Isis King
25 / 5'7" / New York, New York
Cycle 11 / 10th Place / Cycle Winner: McKey

Probably the most controversial contestant in ANTM history, Isis is the first and only Trans- contestant. With remarkable grace, she handled herself well against the cruelty and ignorance from some of the girls in her season. After losing her nerve, she was eliminated early. Back after finally having her SRS, I hope Isis has found a renewed confidence and lives up to the potential that Tyra saw in her in the first place. You go sister! (Yes, I'm a Tranny too! AND PROUD!)


Kayla Ferrel
20 / 5'9" / Rockford, Illinois
Cycle 15 / 3rd Place / Cycle Winner: Ann

An immediate favorite, Kayla proved that she has what it takes to make it far. Whether bleach blonde, red or brunette, Kayla has the bone structure, fierceness and commitment to make it work. I honestly think she was robbed during her cycle. I hope she makes it to the end this time around.

Bumpkin Chic.

Laura Kirkpatrick
21 / 5'7" / Stanford, Kentucky
Cycle 13 (Petite) / Runner-up / Cycle Winner: Nicole

Undeniably charming, Laura not only warmed our hearts with her country bumpkin sweetness, but she sizzled in front of the camera with the versatility and professionalism of a seasoned pro. Definitely talented, I am curious to see if her All-American girl-next-door looks could measure up to her taller and more high fashion competitors.

Carwash Chic.

Lisa D'Amato
29 / 5'9" / Los Angeles, California
Cycle 5 / 6th Place / Cycle Winner: Nicole

I have a feeling Lisa was included in this season not just for 'entertainment value', but also as a sacrificial lamb. I mean, with 14 contestants, 13 have to be axed right? ANTM execs probably thought about pooling the fiercest of the fierce, but unfortunately were unable to do so. After a stint on Celebrity Rehab, and compared to the other girls who live, breathe and not-so-much eat modeling, I don't think Lisa has the same focus to make it to the top. Prove me wrong, grrl.

(Ex) Virginal Chic.

Shannon Stewart
27 / 5'10" / Franklin, Ohio
Cycle 1 / Runner-up / Cycle Winner: Adrianne

A top model pioneer, Shannon is most-remembered for her line "If you don't stand up for something, then you'll fall for anything," when she refused to pose nude. Judging from the picture, she is still clearly in tip-top shape. I hope that being a top model 'pioneer' (i.e. guinea pig) doesn't hurt her chances against the girls who have appeared later during a more developed stage of the series. I mean, as Tyra often says at the beginning of each cycle, the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. If we follow this logic, then that would make Shannon the least fierce right?

Hoochie Chic.

Sheena Satana 
24 / 5'10" / Honolulu, Hawai'i
Cycle 11 / 6th Place / Cycle Winner: McKey

Sheena's another contestant I'm biased towards: Yellow Fever! But throughout cycle 11, she showed me that my affinity for her was well-placed. She is fun, spunky, and most importantly a kind-hearted and gentle soul. However, to be honest, I never thought her pictures were as 'high-fashion' as her peers and with a Vogue Italia spread awaiting this cycle's winner, I'll admit: I'm worried.

Geo's Picks:

The Top Model franchise has provided its viewers with some of the most beautiful and most memorable contestants. The fourteen models competing this cycle should represent the fiercest of the fierce. Honestly, I can't agree. There are some really fierce girls in the running, but others are lambs being lead to the slaughter. I feel like some of these girls are cast more as 'characters' as opposed to their being 'models'.

I'd like to present a gallery of girls I could see, and would have loved to have seen, stomping and strutting this cycle.

Like I said, there are many memorable girls, but for the sake of keeping this list as short as I can, I decided not to include girls who I simply 'liked', but aren't as 'strong'. I didn't include girls who had a lot of potential but were super mean and pissed me off either.  The girls in the list are the non-winners who with more time (which by now they all had) could in fact stand a chance at bringing the title home.

The bigger pictures are my top picks, smaller ones I'd still consider. Click any to enlarge! =)

Adrianne Curry / Cycle 1 / Winner. Yeah, she won, but her career went downhill fast. I would've loved to see her show us that she still got the stuff... or maybe she really just doesn't any more...

AJ Stewart / Cycle 7 / 9th Place / Winner: Caridee. She didn't make it too far, but come on, look at her - she is fieeeeerce. Eliminated after one bad picture.

Alexandra Underwood / Cycle 14 / 3rd Place / Winner: Krista. My favorite plus-sized contestant. Gorgeous gorgeous girl.

Amanda Swafford / Cycle 3 / 3rd / Eva. Look at those eyes! And to think she has a degenerative eye disease. Consistently strong performance during her season.

April Wilkner / Cycle 2 / 4th / Yoanna. The strongest and most successful Asian-American contestant in the show's history. Gor-Jus!

Chantal Jones / Cycle 9 / Runner-Up / Saleisha. I really think she deserved to win over Saleisha.

Claire Unabia / Cycle 10 / 8th / Whitney (Eew). Definitely a case of premature elimination. Luckily, she is currently part of the Manila fashion scene.

Ebony Morgan / Cycle 9 / 9th / Saleisha. Ebony clearly had raw potential, during her run on cycle 9, she was either emotionally or psychologically unprepared and quit the show.

Felicia Provost / Cycle 8 / 10th / Jaslene. Eliminated a bit too soon and was not able to demonstrate just how much potential she had.

Heather Kuzmich / Cycle 9 / 5th / Saleisha. Underdog with a classic beauty and natural ability. One of my faves. Oh PS. she has Asperger's Disorder which she overcame to compete and go far in cycle nine.

Jade Cole / Cycle 6 / 3rd / Danielle. Funny story: Jade was actually approached to be a part of this cycle. She declined stating the contract offered to her was 'bogus'. She would've made a colorful addition to the cast, she's quite "analystic".
Jaeda Young / Cycle 7 / 6th / Caridee. Didn't quite know how to model her fabulous face during her run in season seven. Would've loved to have seen her again.

Jane Randall / Cycle 15 / 3rd / Ann. A late bloomer in the cycle, she blossomed a little too late. Would've been great to see whether she's blossomed even more over the past year.

Jenah Doucette / Cycle 9 / 3rd / Saleisha. Takes amazing photographs but looked kinda raggedy in person, would've been great to see her pose her little tail off again, plus she's got some attitude, too.

Jessica Serfaty / Cycle 14 / 5th / Krista. Although she was out-shined during her cycle, Jessica is clearly a natural. With a drive to improve and raw talent, would've been great to see this sweetheart do her thang once more.

Joanie Dodds / Cycle 6 / Runner-Up / Danielle. I think at the time of the competition she and Danielle were head-to-head, but I'll admit that Danielle may have had a bit more raw potential than her. In the personality department though, this charmer sure has Danielle beat.

Kahlen Rondot / Cycle 4 / Runner-Up / Naima. Kahlen was not just a super sweet girl, but she brought it as a fierce mow-del as well. Although I liked Naima, I wouldn't have been upset if Kahlen took the title home.

Katarzyna Dolinska / Cycle 10 / 5th / Whitney (EEEEW). With her gorgeously delicate Eastern European features I was shocked to see her eliminated, but probably not as shocked and appalled to see Whitney win the whole thing. Katarzyna's got the last laugh though as she is reportedly the most successful post-ANTM model.

Kendal Brown / Cycle 15 / 8th / Ann. Born to be a model, but at the time didn't have the necessary skills. Would've been great to see if she's acquired some since season 15.

Lauren Brie Harding / Cycle 11 / 8th Place / McKey. With a consistently strong performance throughout the first half of her season, Lauren Brie was wrongfully sent home after producing one bad shot.

Lisa Jackson / Cycle 9 / 7th / Saleisha. Towering over the competition at a staggering 6'1" and armed with an appealing racial ambiguity, Lisa possesses one of the strongest and most fine-featured faces in ANTM history. What she did lack at the time was self-confidence (a trait that seems to be shared by most of ANTM's taller contestants).

Marjorie Conrad / Cycle 11 / 4th / McKey. Quirky to a fault, this girl is haute couture.

Michelle Deighton / Cycle 4 / 6th / Naima. This statuesque beauty is the consummate professional. Modeling through a flesh-eating bacteria attack on her face (like, for real), Mrs. Johnny Fairplay could have been a force to be reckoned with.

Michelle Babin / Cycle 7 / 5th / Caridee. Although Amanda was the more passionate of the twins, Michelle clearly had more natural talent. As Tyra said, if the Twins were merged into one that would produce an extremely successful modelor their positives and negatives would've cancelled out and have produced a really mediocre one... Either way, Michelle was supah good.

Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi / Cycle 6 / 9th / Danielle. One of ANTM's biggest mistakes was to eliminate Mollie Sue very early on in her season. As the 'real' fashion world proved the judges wrong, Mollie Sue is one of the most successful of ANTM's alluring alumnae.

Nnenna Agba / Cycle 6 / 6th Place / Danielle. At times inspiring, at times boring and at time annoying, one things is for sure, this African beauty sure can take a strong photo.

Nik Pace / Cycle 5 / Runner-Up / Nicole. Nik is another ANTM hopeful who was robbed of the title.

Norelle Van Herk / Cycle 3 / 5th / Eva. Extremely photogenic, Norelle's strengths before the camera were weighed down by her shortcomings on the runway. Things must've changed because she has also had a successful career modeling in Japan and Hong Kong after Top Model.

Ren Vokes / Cycle 14 / 11th / Krista. Handpicked by Tyra, I was rooting for Ren the second I saw her tatted-up gorgeous self. Not only did Ren look like a model, she acted and moved like one too, that is until the competition got to her (which was really early in the season). I would have love love LOVED to see her redeem herself.

Rhianna Atwood / Cycle 15 / 11th / Ann. One of the most endearing (and stylish) contestants on ANTM, I feel like she was eliminated due to her similarity to Ann. Having two remarkably tall, shy, and different quirky girls on the same season made each of them less remarkably tall, shy, different and quirky.

Samantha Potter / Cycle 11 / Runner-Up / McKey. I mean, come on. Look at this girl.

Tatianna Kern / Cycle 14 / 9th / Krista. Another girl whose elimination was justified by a BS reason. She consistently brought it. Period.

The prizes awaiting the winner of this season include a spread in Vogue Italia, a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, a fashion campaign with Express and a chance to be a correspondent on Extra.

We've seen these girls flourish, stumble, and grow in their respective seasons. We've also seen them get eliminated. We've fallen in love (or hated) them and the things that they can do and represent. I'm curious not only to see whether they've grown post-ANTM, but also to see how they handle themselves within the all-star group.

America's Next Top Model season 17 is scheduled to premiere on September 14th on the CW Network.

Yeah, that's this Wednesday.

Believe you me, I am soooo tuning in.

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