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Sunday, September 11, 2011

TV Show and Tell: True Blood Season 4 Episode 11

After watching the penultimate episode of season 4, let me just say: I cannot wait to see the finale!

But before anything, I wanna apologize for the late posting, weefee was kinda screwy.

Let's begin!!!

Episode ten ends with our favorite Louisiana vamps pulling up to the Moon Goddess Emporium, ready to blow it sky high.
Let's make the place go KA-BOOM!

Meanwhile, inside:

Marnie scoffs at the vamps' attempts. Her hostages, which now included Tara and Holly, Sookie, Casey, Lafayette and Jesus among others, continued to question her intentionsexcept Roy.
Marnie Stonebrook: Like a BOSS!
I really really  do NOT like Roy.
Betch, please!
Casey, one of Marnie's prisoners charges forward in attack. Sadly, this happens:
What's worse than being stabbed? Being stabbed telekinetically.

Appalled by the spilling of more blood-of-the-innocent, Antonia decides to call it quits. But, not if Marnie can help itshe binds Antonia's soul to her own:
Red rover, red rover send Antonia over!

Fearing the worst, Jesus hatches a plan to un-bind the two witches' souls. A plan that involves Lafayette, black magic, and Casey's dead body. He and Laffy then drag poor dead Casey into the bathroom to prepare for the ritual.
If it weren't for that dagger sticking out of her chest, you'd think she's just sleeping...

Back outside:

Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill are just about to blow up the entire place when Jason comes a-running to stop them. He tells the vamps that along with the Wiccan hostages, Sookie is now held captive within the MGE. The way he stood up to vamps was pretty sexy. Just sayin'.
Testosterone abound! If you haven't fallen for Jason Stackhouse yet, you just might after he stands up to Bill and Eric.

Troubled by the fact that "f*ckin' Sookie" is trapped in the MGE, Bill orders the other vamps to abort Operation Smithereens. The vampires regroup giving Jason and Jessica to chat about his request to be glamoured. Jessica denies being cold, saying that he's not on her mind at all. Pam, Bill and Eric begin to discuss an alternative plan of action when out of nowhere
Gimme a kiss! says Sheriff Kirsch to Eric.
Fine, you can have a kiss, too, says Bill to Sheriff Duprez.
The two vampire sheriffsKirsh and Duprezstill under Marnie's control attack Bill and Eric under Marnie's orders.

End Scene.

In Shifter News:

Back at Marcus Bozeman's Shop:

Sam and Alcide are still busy looking for Marcus after the death of Tommy.
Alcide talks Sam out of doing anything rash. As if the tension couldn't get any thicker:
Luna barges in frantically ranting about how her daughter, Emma, has disappeared and she's sure that Marcus is behind it all. After an initial round of what-are-you-doing-here's, the group is still none the wiser as to where Marcus is.

That's because Marcus is busy bumping uglies with Debbie.
Why yes, Marcus, I always sit like this.
And it appears Luna was right:
When I grow up, I wanna be like Aunt Debbie!
Debbie begins to regret what she's been doing with Marcus (i.e. screwing), but he reassures her and she is convinced that despite her love for Alcide, Marcus can give her what she wants/needs (i.e. screwing). Marcus then tells Emma to wait while he talks with his "friend", at which point Emma uses the house phone to call Luna on her cell. As Luna puts down the phone, Alcide recognizes the number as his own and the three head to his house. There Alcide finds Debbie in bed with Marcus, and Sam quickly gets his rage on. After their tussle, Sam decides to let Marcus live, however, while Sam's back is turned Marcus grabs the gun. Alcide, who was previously holding Debbie back, moves quickly and intercepts Marcus, jabbing him in the throat and kicking his bucket.
No more Marcus.
As Marcus lay dying, Alcide renounces his ties to Debbie.
Alcide storms out, and Sam soon follows. Now, Debbie may not be too good at keeping clean, but there is one thing she's good at: holding a grudge. And since she thinks it's because Alcide has feelings for Sookie, I think our fairie princess is gonna have another showdown with a crazy Debbie.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Andy Bellefleur:

We last see Andy being told to walk home from Fort Bellefleur.
Andy Bellefleur lost in the woods, talking to himself. What a silly bean.
On his walk home, he gets lost in the woods when suddenly, a strange light appears, and out of it steps Maurella, a fae. Clearly in the mood for love (lust) Maurella puts the moves on a bewildered Andy. He succumbs to her fairy charms but before they do the deed Maurella asks him to protect her and
"to swear to the light"
Of course Andy does so and then
Bow Chica Wow WowFairie Style.
After his supernatural tryst in the woods, Andy finally makes it home. Arlene hurries him in while telling him that Terry is still out looking for him. Andy recounts his tawdry tale of fairie light and lust.
Hey Arlene, pull my finger...
Skeptical, Arlene convinces Andy that what happened was a hallucination and the two hug it out.

Back to the MGE:

Bill and Co. overpower the zombiefied vampire sheriffs.
Unhand me! Unfoot me!

With Kirsch still under Marnie's spell, Bill asks Eric if there was any way to save her. Since naughty Eric is back, he gives Bill a snarky answer. Frustrated, Bill yells at the MGE challenging Antonia to face them. After some more time-wasting prattle, Marnie orders Kirsch to "Necare Rex" (Kill the King). A very brief scuffle ensues.

Now, at the end of this episode, I would like to announce that applications for several Louisiana Vampire Sheriff positions are now being accepted. Here's why:

Sheriff Patiño
Staked self under Marnie's compulsion.

Sheriff Blackburn
Staked by Nan Flanagan.

Sheriff Duprez
Eliminated by Bill Compton.

Sheriff Kirsch
Kirsch: Before
Kirsch: After. Flung into Marnie's magical solar wall of protection by Bill Compton.

Marnie then makes a proposition: Sookie's freedom for Eric and Bill's lives. Obviously, Bill and Eric agree.
"I shoot you [Eric], then Pam, you shoot me," Bill Compton.

Now, this really bothers me. The thing I really find unappealing about Twilight and to some extent the Vampire Diaries is that the leading men have such a sappy I-would-do-anything-for-love kind of blind devotion. Some would consider it super romantic, I find it weak and stupid.
Wah wah wah! It's all your fault ya big baby.

Also, is it just me or are Bill and Eric the only two vampires who are overly attracted to Sookie's fairie blood? I mean, Pam and Jessica seem to be just fine around her.

As Bill and Eric prepare for the True Death, Pam has had enough and zooms towards the van. What she does, along with her other one liners this episode earns her the title of:

She's awesome, duh.
This episode was teeming with Pam's quotable quotes.

"[Can] we blow up these Wiccan dipsh!ts already? I got a mani-pedi at four."

"Yeah. F*ckin' Sookie. As usual, she's in the g*ddamn way."

"Holy sh!t, gentlemen! DO NOT tell me you'd put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress."

And while Eric and Bill are contemplating giving a zombified Kirsch the True Death, Pam goes, "Wait!" I seriously thought she had an idea to reverse the spell, or show some compassion, but then she bends close to Kirsch, puts her hand on Kirsch's choker and says, "Vintage Cartier, I'll take good care of this," as she rips off Kirsch's jewelry. "Sorry," she says to Eric and Bill as she stands up, "go ahead".

Pam, what a betch. Loves it.

Instead of blowing up Marnie, Sookie, and the MGE, Pam's missile collides with the magical barrier and explodes. Those outside of the barrier (Jason and the vamps) are damaged by the explosion while those inside (Marnie, Sookie and the MGE) are unharmed.
Jessica's burns heal immediately.
Jason's not as lucky.
Fearing the worst Jessica rushes to Jason's side and once again offers him her blood.
Suck it, betch.

Marnie rushes back inside the MGE with Sookie in tow. Marnie then uses the blood on the ground from Casey's body as a 'crystal ball'. She asks to see the future and is shown a vision of herself dead with a gunshot to the head.
Mirror, mirror on the floor, who's the fairest one of all?
Terrified she orders her hostages to form a circle so she can protect them from the vampires. The group is hesitant, but Marnie convinces them that the vampires do not care for their survival and they stand a better chance siding with her.
I saw her make a poop and NOT wash her hands...
Marnie begins the incantations and the group repeats it. Unbeknownst to them, this was happening outside:
Simon says: Walk into the magical barrier.
Sookie finally 'hears' Jason's panicked thoughts and realizes that she must do something or else Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam would meet the same fate as Kirsch.
Sookie uses her fairie powers to send a jolt of energy through the circle thus breaking Marnie's necromantic control.

Outside, freed from Marnie's control, Pam seeks Eric's forgiveness feebly justifying her actions by saying she knew the protective spell would leave Sookie unharmed.
The only time Pam would sincerely apologize is to Eric Northman. Every other time would be done with the most obvious sarcasm.

Now, I actually like Sookie, and for me, Sookie's influence over Eric and Bill has been confusing/laughable/pathetic at its worst. I never thought it was that bad; kinda silly, but not that bad. But now that her effect on Eric has affected one of my favorite relationships on the show (Eric:Pam::Maker:Progeny), and really undermining Pam's character, I have to say that Sookie, Bill and Eric are starting to kinda piss me off.

Eric would have none of Pam's apology. He orders her to get out of his sight before he kills her.

Inside, Marnie is absolutely PISSED.

She telepathically pushes everyone except Sookie against the walls and leaves Sookie in the middle of the room, trapped in a ring of fire.
Burn, Baby, Burn
Wiccan Inferno!

Inside the bathroom:

Lafayette and Jesus hustle to get the ritual going. Now, before I continue with the recap, I'd like to present another award/title:

Sorry, Lafayette, but you get the Razzie.
Don't get me wrong, I love Laffy, but this week, he was a bit much. I mean, I really enjoy his character even if his storyline isn't that interesting, but man, this week Lafayette was just excessively Lafayette. He was difficult, super prissy and wasted so much time being cutesy and saying Lafayette-y things. I just wanted to yell, Seriously dude, shut up and man up.
In the words of Pam, "Dial it back a notch. You're starting to piss me off."

Anyway, Jesus finally manages to get Lafayette to focus and the unbinding ritual gets underway. As Jesus gets deeper and further into the ritual, a familiar face appears.
Lucha libre: diablo - style.
Jesus is successful, as it appears that Antonia's spirit was chanting an unbinding spell as well.
Freedom and peace!

As Antonia's spirit leaves Marnie, all of her magic (including the protective barrier) disappear. Sensing that this is the case, Eric and Bill zoom into the MGE. Before doing anything rash, Sookie informs Bill that everyone else there was under Marnie's spell. Bill then replies, "Just Marnie, then". At this point, Roy flings himself in front of Marnie saying that if they wanted to get to Marnie, they'd have to get through himand they did.
Thinking that witnessing her most trusted ally's heart get ripped out wasn't enough for Marnie, Eric goes and does this:
Nutritious and delicious!
Bill begins to aim his machine gun at Marnie and she yells, "No one lives forever! Not even you!"
Well, especially not you, Marnie...

After the events at the Moon Goddess Emporium, some of our characters needed to cuddle.
Jason finally checks the "I like you" box.
"You's a hero," - Lafayette aka JarJar Binks.

I must admit, Laffy had a line in this closing scene that I really like: "Truer than rain, lover."

Anyway, after reassuring Jesus that they did the right thing, Laffy finally decides to go to sleep. However, he feels a presence, opens his eyes and sees this:
Marnie totally pulling a Maven.

She zooms into Lafayette's mouth, takes possession and smiles.

Now, I don't feel the need to tell you to be excited for the season finale. I don't feel the need to tell you what on the teaser either, since the last episode of the season is airing in less than twelve hours anyway.

So yeah.

See you in twelve hours.

Images = screen grabs.

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