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Monday, September 26, 2011

TV Show and Tell: ANTM All-Stars Episode 1

As the latest season of True Blood comes to a close, so that of ANTM's begins.

The premier episode of ANTM All Stars begins with Tyra's usual cray cray skit introductions. This time, she has a disturbing dream of models from past cycles pleading for one more shot at the title. She is jolted awake and exclaims: "I'll do it!"
I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Before the season began, 14 of the past cycles' "most memorable" contestants have already been cast. The All Stars will be living in a huge mansion in Los Angeles.
I'm guessing the smiling and laughing will last a good five minutes... then the claws come out.

The girls arrive at the mansion one by one. Some girls reunite with hugs and smiles, others are met with apprehension and attitude (i.e. Bianca and Camille). I was surprised and impressed by how polished and put together some of the girls have become since appearing on the show. Some of the girls have also slimmed down even more, and some, well, not so much...

When all 14 girls have assembled, they receive a familiar alert: Tyra Mail. Tyra reminds them of the first thing Top Models do each cycle: get the best bed. The girls zoom every which way and claim their beds (and roommates). Soon, a familiar face walks through the door.

Mr. Jay arrives and receives a very warm welcome from the girls. After the initial smiling and hugging, the girls quickly switch to model mode as Mr. Jay informs them that they will be having the season's first photo shoot right there and then at the model mansion's backyard.

As the photoshoot progresses we are reminded of why these girls are all stars. Some things never change.
Bianca: still a betch.
Shannon: Still a prude.
Isis, on the other hand, is surprisingly confident and rarin' to go.

The girls are tasked to portray exaggerated versions of their 'personas' from their past cycles. We are immediately reminded of Bianca's bratty and betchy tendencies as she makes a fuss over the red hair extensions. Shannon pulls a similar stunt by refusing to "pose in underwear"which I still don't quite get because the bikini bottom she opted for is half the size of the lace boy shorts she was originally offered.

Isis was one of the pleasant surprises as she was super game to pose in her bikini having received her SRS.

After the shoot, the girls gather once again as Mr. Jay gives them another piece of shocking news: they were about to meet the judges for the show's first ever live judging.

The girls were then whisked away to Nokia Plaza where they will receive their critiques in front of thousands of ANTM fans.

The Jays emceed the event.
Nope, those pants aren't loud at all...

The Judges:
André Leon Talley: I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline!
Nigel Barker: hair, Nigel?

Special Guest Judge:
Nicki Minaj: Printed, bobbed, curvacious and too too much!

And of course,
Tyra Banks: I don't wanna live by myself, by myself anymooooooore!!!

Almost all the girls received thunderous applause from the fans. Except:

Alexandria was not only booed by the crowd, she was also sworn at.

After the live judging, Tyra announces that deliberations and elimination will take place in private chambers. As the girls and the Tyra leave, the Jays poll the audience about the all stars. Tyra informs the girls that along with their picture, audience impact would also play a role in determining who is going home.

Fourteen beautiful girls stand before me...

Isis receives the first call out of the season with this shot:
For pictures of the other girls, click here.

The call our order is as follows:
Camille (called way way WAY too early)
Laura (should've been closer to the top)
Bre (should've been called later)
Bianca (should've been towards the bottom)
Shannon (could've been in the bottom two)
Kayla (should've been in the top five)

Which leaves Brittany and Alexandria in the bottom two.

Brittany landed in the bottom two because of an "ok" photo and an underwhelming reception from the audience along with Alexandria who was booed and had a photo that all the judges admitted they didn't like.

The result was half-shocking and half-expected: Brittany was sent home.

I was partly shocked that Brittany was sent home because although her performance was "ok", I think she still did far better overall than Alexandria, who was not only booed but had a picture that nobody liked. Despite that part of me that hoped Brittany would stay, I could see why they did send her home... Alexandria brings drama to the show, people love to hate her.

And it seems like there'll be a lot of hating to come. Tyra shares some clips of the arguments and catfights that go on in the house. I can't wait. Oh, there's also this:
Booty Tooch Tooch! Tooch! Tooch!!!

And in case you didn't know...

Pot Ledom is Top Model spelled backwards!

Whoulda' thunk!?

Images = screen grabs.

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