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Sunday, September 18, 2011

WTW!? 4: Meet Lola Basyang

I know, I tweet it a lot.

Feeling Lola right now.

Lola mode...

Holey Moley Loley! 

Well, I guess for the non-Filipino speakers who follow me on Twitter or stumble upon my blog, I'm going to define what Lola actually means... and who Lola Basyang is.

"Lola" in the Philippines is not an exotic nameat all. Like the name Kiki, the word Lola in Filipino means something completely different. Kiki is the word we use for a little girl's private parts. Lola is our word for grandmother.

Lola comin' 'atcha!

Lola - not "low-lah" like the name, it's pronounced "law-lah'", emphasis on the "la"Lolaah. Other variants may include: Lo-Lay/Low-Lay/Tandersdon't ask.

Recently, the word Lola has been used to describe the condition of feeling lethargic, unwillingness to participate or the state of being KJ (kill joy; i.e. not fun). Example: You've planned a night out with the girls, and when the night of said night out arrives you suddenly send a text saying: "Hey grrls. Not feeling it tonightsuper lola mode..."

It is also important not to confuse Lola mode with something I'd like to call Katie Katwiran. Katwiran translates roughly to "justify". Example: "Hey grrls. The traffic's really bad, and it's raining so hard, and I need to spend time with my family and I have work tomorrow morning..."translation"What I said might be true, but really I'm just feeling lazy and will probably spend the night downloading True Blood and watching it in bed with a mug of hot tea."

Meet Lola Basyang.

Lola Basyang is a fictitious character who is the Filipina counterpart of Mother Goose. Like Mama Goose, Lola Basyang is a treasure trove of legends, lore, fairy tales and fables.

Now see, some people have their "fun" alter egos. Bookish Barbaras become Fun Felicias at night. Married Myrtles become Single Shanequas when their husbands are away.

Geo is the fun one. My alter ego is Lola Basyang.

And now
Stories from the vault of Lola Basyang.

Once upon a time I could drink frat bros, lax bros and football jocks under the table. These days I have to go home after exactly four drinksnot because I'm shmamboozled, simply because I'm tired...

Once upon a time I would stay out til the sun went up, when the bar would close or when my friends and I would be ushered out of an event that had just ended. Last night I French Exited a party. I used to believe that the only appropriate times to French are A) when you've double-booked, and B) when you're leaving in the arms of a hott mistake. Neither were the case last night. I left simply because I was tired...

Now, I'm not sure if it's the rainy weather, or the crazy hectic schedule I've had these past few weeks, or the fact that my partner in crime, my Twin is on a different continent, or maybe it's the fact that my body simply is not what it used to be (hmph!), but my Lola Mode is getting completely out of handit's becoming a Lola Lifestyle. Asleep by nine, up at five and unconcerned about the goings-on outside my garden walls.

I try to remind myself of something Twin once told me: "Get up. Dress up. and Show up." Funny thing is, I did that last night and Lola Basyang still had the last laugh.

I have two social gatherings penciled in for this coming week: a dinner on Thursday and a party on Saturday. I hate to say it because my liver's really happy and I've gotten caught up on sleep, but I think it's time to check Lola Basyang into the Golden Acres Home for the Aged.

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