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Friday, September 16, 2011

LifeTrack: MOMOLicious - Def!

We Filipinos love borrowing, using and coming up with euphemisms and acronyms for just about everythingthat includes relationships.

Here's a few:

Mutual Understanding
A kind of unspoken agreement that the other is spoken for without the actual designation of 'going steady'
"Are Bill and Sookie going out?"
 "Nope. It's just an MU..."

Holding Hands.
"Oh em gee. Cute! I saw Bill and Sookie this afternoon at the mallthey were HH!!!"

Holding Hands Na Pa-Sway-Sway Pa (Holding Hands and Swaying Them Too)
"Crap. Well, I saw Bill with Portia... And they were HHNPSSP!!!"

Lovers' Quarrel
"Geez. Sookie and Bill are gonna have an LQ..."

F*ck Buddies
"Yeah, grrl, I heard Bill and Portia are FUBUs..."

MOMOL (My new fave term)
Make-out Make-out Lang (Make-Out only)
Could be used on several levels. Lovers, friends, strangers can MOMOL. Usually used to defend oneself when accused of going too far with someone zexually.
"Oh really? I heard it was just MOMOL..."

I'm sure that a plethora of words and phrases and acronyms are out there, but for the sake of this post, we are going to focus on MOMOL.

Earlier this week Manila-based DJ Mars Miranda decided to not only record his set, but to post it for free download, too:


There's something onomatopoeic about MOMOL. It reminds me of NOMNOM which kind of makes me think of people eating each others' facesand the 'L' sound makes me think that tongue is definitely involved.


To download DJ Mars Miranda's playlist, click here. You will be redirected to the tatted and talented Ces Olondriz' blog (who also whipped up the nifty cover art).

Also, inspired by this Mixtape, T3 tweeted me a another link. Click here to check out another MOMOL playlist. It's called "Sexify" =)

And what does DJ Mars have to say about his mix?

"It's freeand so is making MOMOL."

It's the weekend everybodyMOMOL with care!

Thanks to DJ Mars Miranda for sharing his Mix, to Ces Olondriz for her Cover Art, and to T3 for sharing her friend's playlist.

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