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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Letters to a Higher Power

The title of this blog comes from a book I've been trying to write for several years now... Letters to a Higher Power. It is a book of letters, an epistolary tackling issues that I find important. Each letter will revolve around a specific issue like marriage or sex or identity, gender or choice.

Once a letter is completed, it will be posted here and hopefully sent out to as many people as I can get to. The book itself will be a compilation of my and your letters. The ideas and feelings in these letters will stem from real lived experiences. None of that theoretical, statistical crapola. Being a sociology major however, theory and stats may or may not seep in there... But the meat of it will come from real words from real people.

Should you feel compelled to comment, please do so! Write me a letter! You can address it to me, to your mother, to your own higher power, or to whomever you feel your letter should be addressed to. You can reach me at Or you can search for me on facebook or linkedin and send me a private message. Only responses or comments in letter form will be considered for the book.

Also, if you know anybody who you think should read any of these letters, please feel free to share it with them! Anyone can respond to any, all or none of the letters, no presh. It's not necessary that you agree with my letters. Just send me whatever letter you want. Whether it's an agreement, a disagreement, a clarification or a confession. Basically send me whatever my letters have inspired you to write.

I wanna start a dialogue. We all have opinions that we believe in strongly. And we can scream and preach and march and protest all we want, for whatever cause, but as long as people don't listen, don't talk about these topics together then nothing would or could change.

There isn't really a schedule for when the letters will be posted. When I do post a letter they will have the heading of LTAHP and the issue that the letter is about. I'm still in the midst of actually writing the letters. And if anybody has any clue as to how books get published, let me know! That'll probably regulate the writing schedule. There are already some letters in the works, and other entries as well. So just keep an open eye, an open heart and an open mind. Happy reading!

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