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Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Reel Time - Sex and the City 2

My cousin summarized this sequel best: "So, basically everyone needed a vacation and Samantha's still a slut". Don't get me wrong, I'm one of SATC's biggest fans, but the sequel left much to be desired. I slowly left the theater scratching my head wondering, "What just happened?"

Had it not been set in Abu Dhabi, the movie would have flopped. The exotic locale added much extravagance and drama to an otherwise underwhelming and poorly executed plot.

New plot twists in the character's lives and developments were introduced that seemed totally random and were never sufficiently resolved.

The character developments were inconsistent with the four girls that we "know" and love. I guess it was refreshing to see more of Miranda's quirky and funny side, and that we got a glimpse of Charlotte's more vulnerable less-than-perfect side, but these aren't the reasons why we fell in love with these characters. I was hungry for Miranda's sarcasm, and was waiting for Charlotte to do something annoying, but was disappointed.

I also feel that there is one aspect of the show that just spiraled out of control in the movie: wardrobe. I feel like Patricia Field overworked the costumes, it was simply too much. It became a case of 'dresses wearing the wearers'.

There were some gems in the movie though, Liza Minelli performing Single Ladies?! YES.

All that being said, I'll always love the girls, and will never truly mind watching anything from the SATC franchise. However, if you're new to the institution that is Sex and the City, then skip this movie for now. It's a poor representation of what SATC is all about: strutting through love, loss, laughter and life in just the right pair of heels.

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