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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pensieve: A Year Older, A Decade Wiser

Twelve a.m., June 16th. It's mah burfday.

We often only realize that we are turning a year older the closer it gets to midnight on the eve of our birthdays. We fail to realize that really, it takes a year to turn a year older.

Things really can change in a second, but just think of all the things that have changed in the past year.

In the past year,  I have learned so so much, I have met a slew of interesting and kind and creative people, and I feel that I have grown by leaps and bounds, but have stayed very much the same.

However, I do also realize that I have let moments pass me by, succumbed to the tomorrows and do-it-later's and there'll-be-a-next-time's and I'm-too-tired's. And as I sit here typing, there are still a great many things I want to do or shoulda woulda coulda done.

The message of this post, dear friends, is not to regret the things we should or shouldn't have done, but to remind us, or really to remind me, that on June 16, 2014, another year would've gone, and what is it that I want to look back on?

I make this present-promise to myself, that I will live in the now. That I will make the time and stand by my choices. That I will find my passions and foster them. That I will look ahead but never lose sight of who I am, where I've been, but more importantly where I came from. I wish this for myself, and wish that you all wish this for yourselves too.

So, Geo,

Happy birthday you sexy beast.

Thanks, Geo, and same to you.


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