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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Art Attack x Style Files: FLORIGAMI

I consider myself very lucky to have always been surrounded by very talented, creative, intelligent, funny and driven individuals. Earlier this year, colleague, photographer and friend Kaity Chua, asked me to be a part of a collaborative series: Florigami.

Now, Kaity and I have already worked together and produced some pretty cool editorials (which will probably be blogged about in the future), but Florigami is different, this is by us and for us.

Florigami, Kaity's brainchild, is a true collaboration. I discover that two other colleagues at our day job, Angee Chua and BL Martirez - who respectively handled Hair and Make-Up and assisted the shoots, were also to be part of the Florigami team. I was soon introduced to Vicky Velasco (who I now call the Paper Queen) was to create and supply all the paper sculptures for the shoot. Marco Ortega built the six-foot stool  and swing set as Production Designer.

The planning process was so organic, the idea of a flower headdress evolved into a space-age geisha. At another time Kaity says, "I wanna do a bull-headed biatch layout,". That layout transformed into a punk-rock-matador-Frida Kahlo amalgamation.

You know what, instead of me talking about it, let me just show you.

Friends, I am very proud to present:


During our last day of shooting, the team decided that this will be an open-ended project. If at any time a new concept or layout is imagined, the team would reassemble and make it happen. We want this project to *ehem* keep blooming. Yikes. So yeah, stay tuned. I already feel a few ideas budding (okay that's the last pun I swear...). Seriously, much like the original concepts developed organically, I really do hope that this series grows in a similar fashion.


Special Thanks to our models:
Jessica Yang - the Space-Age Geisha
Eriko Malabanan - the Bull-Headed Biatch
Pauline Prieto - Thumbellina
Nikita McElroy - the Reverse Marie Antoinette
Jasmine Maierhofer - the Mad Hatter
Natasha Bautista and Nova Torres: the Swing (Out) Sisters

This would not have been the same without you.


So, Miss Ria Bolivar, see you at the next Florigami shoot?

I wish.

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