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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Art Attack: Half Drag

Team Latrila during the Half-Baked challenge of RPDR All Stars
Drag is an art form. The transformation from one gender expression to another is unbelievable. This is a big part of why I am a huuuuge fan of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Anywho, while searching the interwebs for photos for my Season 5 blog post I came across this amazing portrait series: 


The series of portraits by New York City-based photographer Leland Bobbé depicts some of the city's drag performers in 'half drag'. You'll get the picture.

Seriously, check out Leland Bobbé's website here. Also check out his Neo-Burlesque series!

Without further ado (but with the photographer's consent) here are screen caps of his jaw-dropping and visually arresting collection. Click to enlarge, and enjoy!

Miss Fame
Vivienne Pinay
Adriana LaGlam
Heidi Glum
Fifi Duboise
Victoria Falls
Sabel Scities
Viki Vilianess
Roxy Brooks
Pixie Aventura
Cherra Secret
Crystal Demure
Honey Davenport
Honey LaBronx
Tara Miso Rice
Pusse Couture
Jessica Payge Dae
Digna Shae
Kizha Carr
Miss Fame
Maddox Madison
Tina Burner
Onna Rampage
Jordan Fox
Kittin Withawhip
Ladyy Havokk
Maddelyn Hatter
Magnolia Applebottom
Pattaya Hart
Sherry Vine
Titania Steele
Yuhua Hamasaki
Chandelier Period

Holy Macaroni, right!?

The prints are up for purchase at Leland Bobbé's page:

I hope that this amazing series inspires us to re-think our definitions of beauty and gender. It is clear that both are fluid and non-exclusive.

Keep an open mind, an open eye, and an open heart.


Don't forget to check out Leland Bobbé's impressive portfolio at:

Half-Baked Image of Team Latrila from:

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