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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Before anything else, I want to wish you all a (super) belated Gregorian and Chinese


Another year has passed, and a new one has just begun. For this year's resolutions, I have resolved that I shall live out my passions (right T3? :) ), and to show the people I love exactly how much I love them.

I have also resolved to blogging more often and more regularly.

Now that I have finished my UnBEETable Adventure series, I am pretty sure that I'll be able to accomplish that. I wanted to finish all twelve chapters before posting anything elsebut that's not to say I haven't had some posts in the works.

So please stay tuned! =)

I will be posting a lot of random stuff; featuring lots of cool people, places, shows and things; and will hopefully start a new blog series too =)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to really thank you all for reading and supporting my blog through your comments, tweets and emails. It really does mean a lot!

So. Another new year, huh?

For all of you (all of us, really), I pray that you find your passion, and that you live it. Really live it and do what you love. I pray for happiness and contentment, and for inner and shared peace. 

You just gotta' ignite the light


  1. Looove your posts! Since you have resolved to writing more which I have to say has so much wit & humor... May I ask you to consider doing a series on STYLISH FILIPINO ala The Sartorialist. I honestly think you can pull it off since you have so much creative stories that you can inject into the pics that you take.

    Besides, I think you have enough funk to judge Style (effortless not contrived)! Nonetheless, look forwardmto your posts so keep it comming!

    1. Hi!

      Wow! Thanks for the love!

      I must admit, though, that I'm not the typical out and about kinda person... I have snapped a few pics of interesting looking people (one of which for her outfit!). But I haven't really considered doing a sartorialist type exposé—yet. =) Which means it may or may not happen =) It's a new year, let's see what it brings for all of us =) Again, thanks for your support and I hope that even if I don't go down the sartorialist track, you'd still stay tuned =)



  2. Hey just a suggestion but definitely will wait for whatever tickles your fancy & excitedly wait to read it! with or without the Sartorialist thing. But I stand by my strong unwavering belief that only you can do it! So maybe chalk it up to your future "must try's".

    Tuned into your senior solo performance & wow! You can sing, really well O might add! (hey you were part of the real glee, so take a loooow bow! Even the experimental you tube video was fantastic!

    Looking forward to being surprised by you! More creative power!

  3. Wow! Seriously thanks!

    I am definitely in a very inspired place right now and have a bunch of posts and ideas brewing and am currently figuring out the order of when I want to post them... Thanks for the support!

    You are definitely in my list of top five followers. Haha

    Thanks again!


  4. You know what? I seriously doubt you only have 5 backers. You are a humble Soul.

    Just keep it real & be your normal self without compromise.... And you will be surprised With many who actually "get it"! Glad to hear you have a lot brewing in your head & will pray you never go through writer's block! That would be such a shame!

    So, consider me an official FAN! May all that is good, lovely & positive flow from you from hereon ....

    p.s. For those who were silently reading Geo's blogs, it wouldnt hurt to give Him a big hug of approval via thempublished comments!

  5. You are too too kind! BIG HUG!