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Monday, January 16, 2012

An UnBEETable Adventure 9: Whining and Dining - Eurostyle!

Now, what would an UnBEETable adventure be if I didn't feature one of our best and oldest friends?

This post is dedicated to


I decided to write a separate post chronicling some of the dishes and treats we more than happily devoured on this trip.

Let's begin!

First stop:


Parque Retiro

Picnic time!
Futbol and Soccerhontas had a super nice set-up. There were meats and cheeses, chips, a selection of sandwiches, crackers, sangria, wine, juice, water, fruits and dessert. Great meal, great day and great new friends.

Churros con Chocolate
This was at the churroria that Twin took us to at the Plazuela de San Gines.

Mercado de San Miguel

Jamón Ibérico
The Mercado de San Miguel had a staggering variety of edible goods. Sweet, savory, nibbles, meals, coffee or cosmos, you were bound to find it there. At the Mercado, I also sampled some croquettasbeef, lamb, shrimp, cheese and ham! YUM!!!

Gambas al Ajillo
This hot dish of gambas (one of three ordered that night) was enjoyed with sangria.


Restaurante Pinnochio

What a spread!!!
This is just a glimpse of the spread we had that night. Seriously, we ate soooo much!


Lunch with the Albas at AYO


I mean...


Gambas al Pil-Pil
I'm not entirely sure what the difference between al ajillo and al pil-pil meant, so I googled it. Al ajillo means "with garlic", and al pil-pil means "with chopped peppers". Finding pil-pil funny sounding, the Beets adopted it into our vocabulary. "What a pil-pil", "You're so pil-pil!" To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what we meant by pil-pil...

One of the many food stalls at the feria

Hamburger Stand

Fresh Coconut Slices
These were sold at two Euros a slice... What sort of thievery is this!?

Lunch with Tita Mallorcina

Clams in Broth

Seafood Platter.
Twin and I would covertly hoard the fried calamari.


Rue Cler

The BEST crêpes!
Seriously, THE best!

Sweets and Treats

Twin's treat

Au Pied du Cochon

Kir Royale

French Onion Soup
French onion soup in France. How authentic can it get?!

A first for both Twin and I, and let me tell you: It was delicious!

Beets' Seafood Platter

Steak Entrecôte
Take note of the French fry houses!
Twin's Steak

Piggy Meringues for dessert!

La Terrasse

Chocolate Cake


Salmon with Lavender Cream

Club Sandwich
Again, it came with a French fry house!

Black Truffle Omelette
So rich. So good.

The bakery and sweet shop we stopped at for goodies and tea before heading to the Eiffel Tower

Baked goods

Middle Eastern Sweet Shop

Pershing Hall
Another first for me! I had mine with chives and sour cream.

Braised Beef

Crazy Horse Saloon
Crazy Horse Champagne

And finally:

The Beets love us some good Joe. Aside with the delicious food we consumed on this trip, we were also able to sip on some delicious lattes and espressos.

A trip to a new land can never be complete without sampling the local fare. Sure, it's nice to eat at the fancy well-known restaurants, but sometimes (a lot of the time) eating at a tiny hole in the wall with the rest of the locals really hits the spot. You don't just get a taste of authenticity, but eating at these establishments gives you a glimpse of how it feels to be of a place.

So, I daresay, one must not only explore and be adventurous with one's surroundings, but with what one puts to their lips as well.

Who knows, there may be something out there that you would one day crave for. You simply haven't tasted it yet.

Next upChapter 10: New Friends!


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  1. obviously you've had too many great food!! haha.. i love how you find these foods in just some local food places.. true sometimes best food are not a Fancy Reataurant but a t local one!