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Saturday, January 28, 2012

An UnBEETable Adventure: Epilogue

One event.
Two people.
Four cities.
Eight days.

It took over three months and twelve blog posts to compile and catalog innumerable memories of laughter, tears, bites, and steps.

It's been over three months, almost four actually, since I hauled my suitcase down the NAIA terminal to board my flight to Madrid, but I can still remember each moment of that trip as if I were still on it.

In that time, each member of the wedding party has been re-immersed into the normalcy of our everyday lives, but I guarantee that all of us had, for at least two weeks after, recounted and reminisced about this adventure of joy, excitement and love.

Maybe I reminisce because I haven't seen Twin since we parted ways with tears in our eyes at the Charles de Gaulle Airport; or that I haven't seen Beets or T3 in over a month. Or it might just be that that trip was truly memorable, so full of love and good vibes that revisiting those places, even if only in my thoughts, would inevitably lift my spirits.

PS. I'm seeing Beets tomorrow, T3 the day after, and Twin next month. Triple YAY!!!

Aside from that one event, those two people, and those four cities, it was the companyfamily, old friends and new friendsand also all the little things that made those eight unforgettable days a truly UnBEETable adventureevery bite, every sip, every hearty laugh and heartfelt tear.

I'd like to end this Eurotrip series with another toast

To all of us, but most especially to my Twin, Eloise, and my Triplet, Diego. To happiness and contentment. To life. To beginnings and continuations. May we all appreciate and find joy and comfort in the little things, and the excitement and thrill of life's many great adventures.


Something to plan onthe Beets take on Toronto....


Thank you all for taking part on this story-telling journey.
Thank you to everyone who was with us in Nerja.
Thank you to the Albas for putting up with my crazy and being ever so kind.
Thank you to Twin and Triplet, for including me in their celebration.
And thank you to Beets, who made this adventure UnBEETable, but more importantlypossible.


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  1. your relationship with your friends is something i wanted to have!! haha.. seeing what your words describe them and what u write about them, makes me jealous! but i know i'll find friends just like yours!!