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Saturday, October 15, 2011

An UnBEETable Adventure: Prologue

5:09 am. I sit before Darla, my trusty laptop, unable to sleep. I could easily blame it on jetlag, or on the ridiculous amount of work that I have returned to, but I know that my listlessness and sleeplessness could not be attributed to either.

Sure, jetlag and work play a part, but the maelstrom in my mind and the hurricane in my heart could easily be blamed on one event, two people, four cities, and eight days.


Yesterday, at roughly 12 noon, I took my first few tentative steps into my house as I had just returned from one of the most bittersweet adventures of my life.

The extra-excited yapping of my dogs at my heels as they greeted me did little to assuage my sadness over the fact that my rollercoaster ride of an experience in Europe was over.

It was an experience full of laughter and tears, stories and legends, poems and vows, friends and loversan adventure indeed.

But why were we in Europe?

About fifty people from across the globe gathered for one event

A Wedding

Between Two People

My Twin and Iron Man

For me, the celebration of this momentous occasion spanned eight days over four cities





That's it?! you may wonder That's all the pictures you have? That's all you can say about that experience?!

Far from it.

It is impossible for me to cram every picture, every feeling, thought and memory into one measly postwhich is why I have decided to write twelve.



I'll try to post one every day, but I can't promise that. 

I am extremely flattered by the reception my humble blog has received, but I want you all to know that this Eurotrip blog series is as much for me, and those that have been a part of it, as it is for you dear readers.

I wanted to provide myself, and Twin, Beets, Iron Man/Triplet, and our families and friends the chance to revisit all these amazing places.

I wanted to savor each picture, each memory and feeling that they evoke, remember each punchline behind the laughter and the emotion behind every tear.

Eight days seem so little in a span of one's lifetime. But if you would join me in this retelling, maybe we can all understand why these eight little days mean so much.

Rest assured that this, and each of the eleven other chapters to follow in this series, have been written and compiled with love, laughter and light.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2: the Plane Ride and Madrid.


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