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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pensieve: Adiós and À Tout À L'Heure

In other words: "Bye and see you soon!"

Twin, is getting married THIS WEEK and in case you don't follow me on Twitter (my handle is @GeGeGeGEO by the way) I've been tweeting about my Schengen visa for the past month because Twin is getting married in:


Spain to be exact! Stopover in France? Why not!

I'm über excited! I leave tomorrow morning! I haven't seen my Twin in more than a month. I already know that the ceremony will be beautiful and the reception will be off the hizzay. Tears, cheers, laughter and adventure guaranteed.

I promise to take lots of pictures and to blog about it when I get backwhich will be on the 13thnot that I'll blog about the trip on the 13th... definitely a few days (week...) after that.

Also, I know that my recent posts have been TV-heavy, so I also promise to post about more of my own thoughts and adventures =)

Catch y'all later!



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