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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pensieve: Don't Judge a Girl by her Handbag

Judgment. We all do it - but that in NO WAY makes it right.

Earlier today I had to commute home from the office. As I climbed into the jeepney-

The Jeepney: A popular mode of very affordable public transportation in the Philippines.
 -I put my laptop bag under my legs and clutched my handbag to my chest. After nudging my butt-cheeks into a comfortable enough position, i surveyed my co-passengers - aside from a small group of excited students on summer break and two alert crew-cut men, the jeepney was filled mostly by tired souls on their way home like myself.

Near the back entrance of the jeepney sat a young woman who caught my eye. In her hands were two plastic bags and a handbag with a very recognizable monogram. Immediately I thought:

"If she can afford that bag, why is she in a jeepney?!"

I was just about to send a text message that would have read like: "Guess what I'm seeing in a jeepney!" As I pulled my phone out of my handbag it hit me-

Here I was pulling my cellphone out of my own designer handbag, sitting across from this girl - in the exact  same jeepney - and I was judging her.

Who the heck was I to assume that the bag was a fake? It could've been a gift. She could've saved up and bought it for herself. She could've been someone who can afford designer bags but for one reason or another was riding this jeepney - The fact that I assumed, and was about to use this assumption to pass judgment on this complete stranger, made me feel so dirty.

You know, I was originally going to publish a post on Bullies and Mean Girls, but here I was about to bully this unknown girl, without her even knowing it.

How many times have people passed unfair judgment on us? How many times have we been  made to feel small? Judgment. We all do it - that doesn't make it right. Not right.

Judgment. Prejudice. Whether they are or are not human nature is irrelevant What I do believe is human nature is Free Will. We can choose to act upon or against the impulse. We can choose to do what's right. I try to live by example - good vibes, openness, acceptance and love. We may slip from time to time, but admit that you've slipped. Don't defend your actions, because it's "just for fun". It's still not right. Psychopaths torture "just for fun". It's the same thing - it's just a difference in degree, but not a difference in kind. I'm sure you know someone who's been bullied and how tortured they've felt.

Catch yourself before you slip. Do what's right.

Judge and be judged.

And don't buy counterfeit products.

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