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Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Things 4: Found Objects

I'm back! Sorry it's later than I promised, work was killah.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was walking around my neighborhood, skip in my step and sun in the sky, when I stepped on something and almost slipped. I looked down and saw something funky. Laying on the asphalt was the discarded, discolored top half of a plastic toy airplane.

There was something about the color combination that I really liked and figured that I could probably use it for something. Ideas started coming (I could sew it onto a bag  - or a coat; turn it into a brooch or something). Two days ago, I finally decided to make it a giant pendant/neckpiece. There was something visually pleasing about the inverted triangle shape, perfect for a v neck shirt or a button down-shirt buttoned all the way up.

I've always been in love with found objects. Found objects remind me of the spontaneity of life. There's always something new, something exciting, an unexpected prospect. Treasure in trash. I'm in love with the idea that something discarded could still have a purpose - a different beauty. I apply this idea to people, events, life in general - everything has a purpose, a purpose for everything.

Yep, I'm an optimistic, romantic, sentimentalist.
Don't sue me. Hug meh.

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