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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Things.3

So today I was running errands around the city. While at the mall, I stepped out to take a quick sniggy break, and this pulled in:

YES. It's a lego-pimped ride. From a distance, you immediately notice the vibrant primaries against the typical black, sliver, grays of Manila traffic. It was such a refreshing sight. As it pulled away, i noticed that it was used by the Artwork Clothing Company (which caters to the young/kooky/hip/urban/quirky statement fashionista).

The giant word ARTWORK plastered on the side of the car made me smile, along with the car itself of course. Yes, the car was meant to publicize the Artwork brand, but the car itself is in itself artwork. It's a moving usable piece of art brought to the people to enjoy. It definitely made me smile.

Speaking of artwork... I still need to finish that piece... Til next time!



    I want one. or a few...they'd be useful for dodgem cars.

  2. hahaha.. this is awesome... love your creativity!!!!!!