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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pensieve: New Year, Old Me

In Manila, we celebrate two New Year's Days: the Gregorian First of January, and the Chinese New Year.
Here'sssss to 2013!!!
According to Chinese Astrology, this new year, the Year of the Water Snake, is said to be highly favorable for those of us who are born under the year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac.
It's quite inexplicable, but on the morning of January first, I woke up feeling rejuvenated with a heightened sense that good things are coming my way. And now, more than a week into the Year of the Water Snake, I feel doubly recharged.
As each new year begins, people often look to the future and make resolutions about changing themselves for the better, but instead I look back and I feel like the person that I 'used to be' really had a lot going on.
After becoming a real person (the term I use somewhat ironically to describe individuals with a regular 9-5 job, see also: corpie and/or yuppie), I've realized that my patience is a little bit shorter, my mind a bit more narrow, my wit a bit more biting, my disposition a bit more aggressive and defensive, and my optimism a bit less, well, optimistic.
Since January, I've opened myself up to whatever the universe has to offer.

Here are my re(troactive)solutions.
I've resolved to blog more regularly. Dear readers, I have to thank all of you for your patience and continued support of all this rabble. Seriously though, whenever somebody tweets or texts me asking when my next blog post will be, I am deeply flattered.

I've resolved to go on more and more mini me-adventures.

I regularly go on dates with myselfhonestly people, going out with yourself, your thoughts, your observations and your feelings is a totally rewarding and re-aligning exercise, I highly recommend it.

I've resolved to indulge a little. I recently realized that I've been back from New York for almost three years now and have had close to zero shopping sprees. That crisis was recently averted as I've had two mini-shopping sprees over the past few weeks. (I believe that this will evolve into a styling series of posts... we'll see).
I've also gotten mani-pedis, plucked my eyebrows (which I haven't done since March of last year), and have gone back to reading novels and re-watching old off-the-air TV shows that I love.

I've resolved to equalize the essential work-life balance.

Gone are the repeat 6am to 3am work days. I've learned when to say enough has been done for the day and to save time and energy for myself and those I love.

I've resolved not to sweat the small stuff and to not take life too seriously.

Working in a corporate environment, I got caught up in performance reviews and numbers. Honestly, numbers are just numbers, people are peopleand that's what matters.

I've resolved to bring back the impulse.

Yesterday, I decided to walk into a salon, sit in a chair and tell the hairstylist to do what he wanted with my hair. I now have a fringe and a length and level of messy reminiscent of Alexa Chung.

I've resolved to be more open and accepting and less resistant of people and their ideas and beliefsit's a struggle, but I'm getting by. =)

I've resolved to stick to my old-self resolutions and I've resolved to go back to being more me.

Those born in the year of the Wooden Ox are:

"Understanding and fair, these are the least unyielding of the Oxen and the most apt to change and accept new ideas. A more liberal attitude gives them the ability to appreciate the value of being part of a team, and other members of the team respect the high principles of the Wood Ox. They are particularly self-confident giving them an air of unspoken authority, This characteristic means that Wood Oxen are often chosen as leaders and spokespoeple. They also have a shorter fuse than other Ox people, and are more likely to be outspoken or to stand up in a crowd to be heard. These Oxen are quite devoted to those they love and make strong and affectionate friends and relations."


I've resolved to make 2013 mine.

What will you do this year?
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