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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TV Show and Tell: Tuning In In 2012 get...chipsss.....

I'm not a couch potato, but I'll admit that there are a few television shows that I have been addicted tomore like obsessed with... At the end of 2011, I have only really blogged about three shows: True Blood, RuPaul's Drag Race (RPDR) and America's Next Top Model (ANTM). This year a few more shows have been added to my favorites list. Let's see what 2012 has in store for them!



Current Season: 1
Season Premiere/Return: January 8, 2011

The only truly child-friendly show on my list, Once Upon A Time (OUAT) is set in fictional Storybrook, Maine, USA. But what Storybrook's citizens don't know is that they are actually all victims of a curse set upon them by the Evil Queenand that each of them is really a fairy tale character from the Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen cast her spell on the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, trapping them in the real world where she believes she will find her own happiness.

OUAT centers on three good guys Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret Blanchardand unbeknownst to Mary Margaret she also happens to be Snow White. Back in the Enchanted Forest, before the Evil Queen casts her spell, Snow White, Charming, and the other forces of good learn of the prophecy that her unborn child is the key to their salvationand that child is Emma.

Emma was hidden in a magical closet which transported her unharmed, but alone. Emma grows up as an orphan, passed from family to family in the foster system. On her 28th birthday she is paid a visit by an unexpected guest, 10-year-old Henry, the son she put up for adoption.

Henry, who believes that curse is real, journeyed to from Storybrook to Boston to find Emma, also believing that she is the key in lifting the Evil Queen's spell.

Emma heads to Storybrook with the intention to return Henry to his adoptive mother, who happens to be Storybrook mayor Regina Kingaka the Evil Queen.

Emma says she has the power to know whenever someone is lying (although I'm not sure if this actually true...), for various reasons feels the need to stay in Storybrook to make sure that Henry, who turns out to be a 'troubled child' is ok. As she decides to stay, the people of Storybrook, and even Storybrook itself, begins to change.

On OUAT, we not only see Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret's attempts to unseat the terrible mayor Regina, but we are shown the back stories; albeit much darker, twisted and inter-related; of the Enchanted Forests' denizens.

We find that most of our favorite characters stories twists are provided by sketchy deals they've made with the insidious Rumpelstiltskin. His famous line is "Magic comes at a price!"

I love the clever duality of the Storybrook/Enchanted Forest characters. The Evil Queen is Regina King, Mayor of Storybrook (Regina originated from the Latin word for 'queen'). Jiminy Cricket is the town psychiatrist (conscience) and his Storybrook name is Archie Hopper. Cricket... Hopper... Hello. Red Riding Hood is Ruby and CINDERella is ASHley...

Seriously, the series is only eleven episodes in. Catch up.



Current Season: 8
Season Premiere/Return: January 5, 2012

It'll take waaaay too long to try and summarize the past eight seasons, so we won't do that. Let's just say that this drama set in the surgical wing of fictional hospital Seattle Grace-Mercy West is still one of my faves. Some things stayed the same. Dr. Cristina Yang is still a rock star while Meredith/McDreamy and Lexie/McSteamy are still my least favorite couples. But there are also a few new faces and twists that both draw me in and turn me off. Dr. Kepner is growing on me, but Dr. Bailey is seriously devolving. The eighth season has resumed this past month and is a few episodes deep. We'll get to those at another time. ;)



Current Season: 4
Season Premiere/Return: January 30, 2012

So Miz RuPaul is at it again. With 13 new queens, RuPaul is continuing the search the Next Drag Superstar. They are:

Alisa Summers
"23, Tampa, Florida

Miss Summers, 23, is a sexy beauty queen who boasts no one can clock her dragher T & A would make a biological woman blush. Got it? Good, 'cuz this fishy diva is hungry for success and her quests for the Drag Race crown is just a pit stop on the way to stardom. But is the Honey Pot's queen bee ready for the big time?"

Chad Michaels
"40, San Diego, California

Polished to perfection, this California showgirl has been doing drag for nineteen years. Head queen in charge of the award winning Dreamgirls Revue, Chad's Cher impersonation is le-gen-dary. But this experienced diva will have to prove there's more to her drag than just celebrity imitation if she wants to snatch trophies in this competition."

DiDa Ritz
"25, Chicago, Illinois

The category is: cheesecake! But ain't nary a dimple on this powerhouse's legs and she's not afraid to stomp 'em across a runway. Naomi Campbell watch your back. Loud and lovable, this pastor's kid is determined to win the race. But when a storm hits her path, will Miss Ritz be able to stand the rain?"

Jiggly Caliente
"30, Queens, New York

The self-professed 'Asian plus-sized Barbie' of the N-Y-C has got swag for your nerve. And for those who think big girls can't be glamorous or sexy, Miss Caliente is calling your bluff. However, beneath her BBW [Big Beautiful Woman] attitude is a queen who sometimes lacks focus. Can Jiggly make it to the finish line?"

Kenya Michaels
"21, Dorado, Puerto Rico

If Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj had a lovechild, the progeny would be Kenya. Barely five-feet tall, this pint-sized diva is serving plenty of fish and fierceness on the runway. So what if English isn't her first language. She lets her body do the talking. But will it be enough for her to take home the crown she so covets?"

Lashauwn Beyond
"21, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A successful drag designer and seamstress, this baby queen is ready for her shot in the spotlight. Equal parts goofy and shy, Lashauwn doesn't take herself too seriously. But don't be fooled by her silent nature, this diva is known as the silent killer. Avoid getting in her crosshairs at all costs."

Latrice Royale
"39, South Beach, Florida

Warm and wise, big and beautiful, Latrice is a queen for all ages. This down to earth diva has been dealt some hard knocks, but like a phoenix, she keeps rising and risingand nothing will stop her mission to be the first plus sized queen to win the title. But is there more to Latrice than undeniable BBW realness?"

Madame LaQueer
"29, Carolina, Puerto Rico

According to La Madame, if being fierce were a crime, she'd be on death row. She's the best of the bestperiodand can beat a mug like nobody else. Also known for her lip-synching skills, this proud Puerto Rican is anxious to bring home the crown. First, she'll have to prove she's a worthy contender."

"36, New York, New York

Actor, singer, dancer, writer and produceris there anything this multi-hyphenate queen can't do? She's already conquered the Great White Way and this funky diva who was born to dance isn't afraid to admit she yearns for worldwide domination. But does Milan have what it takes to be the Next Drag Superstar?"

Phi Phi O'Hara
"25, Chicago, Illinois

Beautiful, smart and driven, Phi Phi's got a razor-sharp tongue. Trust me, you don't want to get into it with her. You'll lose. Oh, and this proud pageant queen is gunning for the crown so you'd best get out her way. Hate on her ambition all you want, her eye-roll is fixed firmly on the prize."

Sharon Needles
"29, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Spook. Freak. Weirdo. Meh. you'd be dumb to put Miss Needles in a one size fits all Goth box 'cuz this steel town girl has got tricks up her witchy sleeve. Witty, funny, and irreverent, Sharon doesn't just push the buttons of drag, she rips them wide open. But will her gift of quip be her curse?"

The Princess
"32, Chicago, Illinois

Don't be fooledthis mid-west native ain't no Disney chick. Tattooed, punk and proud, our Princess isn't afraid to be edgy and androgynous with her drag. A 'reserved-extrovert', The Princess is proof still waters do run deepbut is there a superstar beneath all that calm?"

"29, Los Angeles, California

Let's make one thing clear, Willam's worked with Oscar winners. She's not 'some b*tch who has to show for a dollar at some club'. Yeah, Willam's cocky swag doesn't always earn her friends but a successful acting career and killer bod gets her plenty of acclaim. This rule breaker wants to follow in Ru Paul's pumps and she'll do anything to make it happen. Beware kittens."

And lookie here! I found a trailer for the new season!!!

I am immediately drawn to Sharon Needles. Love the Dark-Freak-Weirdo vibe.

The season premiered YESTERDAY and since LogoTV doesn't air in the Philippines, I have scoured the interwebs for even the grainiest video of the episode but to no avail... Seriously, if I don't get my Drag Race fix I will throw some shade and my tuck will totally twist. Seriously the house down!



Current Season: 2
Season Premiere/Return: February 12, 2012

I've said it before, I love anything zombie. To be honest, I sometimes imagine myself waking up one evening to find that a post-apocalyptic zombie takeover has occurred. I would seriously survive. I even played Humans Vs. Zombies in college. Yeah I'm kind of a dork. And it's awesome.

So imagine my glee after finding out that I would be getting a weekly zombie fix in the form of the Walking Dead. Season one started out cool enough. Lots of blood, guts, zombies and trying to survive shenanigans from a group of ragtag human survivors. Then season two started and it became a lot of talking, meandering, waiting, drama weepy crybaby stuff... It wasn't til the last episode when the zombie carnage began again. After the incident with the barn, I'm hoping that the excitement picks up.



Current Season: 2
Season Premiere/Return: April 2012

Hands-down the best new show I have gotten hooked on. It's got intrigue, a great script, amazing cast, incredible characters, twists and turns, blood, guts, war, sex, fantasy, just about anything you (or I) could ask for. Seriously. This show is so good I don't know where to startexpect a full report in the future!



Current Season: 5
Season Premier/Return: Summer 2012

Despite the underwhelming fourth season, True Blood remains on my faves list. The poster above has got me totes curious as to what season five will bring. I still promise to post any teasers and tidbits I could find.


In other news...


Well, I haven't really kept my eyes open for the next cycle of ANTM, but I thought I'd write a little something to provide some sort of closure for the All Star posts from last year.

After Isis King's travesty of an elimination, I really did become a lot less invested in the show, which is not to say that I stopped watching. But what with the Eurotrip and a family trip to Australia (will blog pics soon!), my drive to recap and comment on subsequent episodes decreased exponentially.

Tyra, Nigel , André and the Jay's crowned
Skinny little b*tch.
as the first ever Top Model All Star. Although I'm a huge fan of Allison's (gosh, loves her!), I am not upset that Lisa won, she did deserve it and was honestly the most well-rounded of the remaining girlswhich quite frankly, doesn't say much because some of those girls were so meh.

Oh! My favorite thing after Isis was booted off is most definitely Allison's music video: Underwater. Here it is:

She is so bizarre (like me!) I LOVE HER.


And there you have itmy guilty pleasures.

I hope that you stay tuned to my posts as I shall stay tuned to these shows. Hehe

I promise to do recaps and blog posts on the shows above. Hopefully these new seasons are good and that snarky, betchy Geo doesn't have to rear his sharp-tongued head.

Catch y'all on the flippity!

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  1. Correction: In Once Upon A Time, the Evil Queen's Storybrook name is Regina MILLS, and NOT Regina King.

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