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Friday, February 3, 2012

TV SHow and Tell: The Queens Have Spoken

Ok. Please allow me this opportunity to use this post as a demonstration of my fan-grrly ways.

I was busy switching between working on a logo and typing a blog post when I received an email. This is what it said:

Cuh-lick to enlarge.


Is this for real? My first reaction was: Eeep!! A virtual tongue-lashing for my Willam-bashing...

On the contrary, what she posted was actually kinda nice.
And yes, I think it really is her. I clicked on the username and was forwarded to her blog.

Willam, you have been officially de-Shangelaed. Chanté, you stay.

Darn, now I'll have to find someone else to betch about... *ehem Phi Phi?*...


Fans are hit by an overwhelming giddy girlish glee whenever their idols notice them. Here's my creepy stalker-ish collection of such said instances.

Michelle Visage
Love ya, Ma!

Sutan / Raja Gemini

Manila Luzon

and ANTM's

Isis King

It's not that creepy, right?


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Isis King, Raja and Michelle Visage posts are on the way.



  1. ok now you're just bragging. calm down. lol

  2. grrl, i may just pee on the floor and do flip-flops