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Friday, July 15, 2011

TV Show and Tell - True Blood, Season 4, Episode 3

Ok, I'm gonna be honest. I didn't particularly like this episode. Here's why:

It seems like Eric and Bill are reversing their roles with Sookie. Bill is rarely ever with her, and Eric has pretty much moved innot that I preferred Bill to Eric, or vice versa. Don't think I like them both, come to think of it. At the end of last episode, Eric's memory was erased by Marnie's spell. And who should find him wandering with amnesia on the roadside? Why, Sookie of course!

Is it just me or is Alexander Skarsgård's acting getting more and more wooden? I think it's his eyes... There's something about them. AANND. It's the way he holds his arms away from his body. It's a bit weird.
Eric Northman: 1/4 Standing, 3/4 Posing.

 And Bill... ugh Bill. Three Bill developments I don't really like.

1. King William Compton of Louisiana. He is just as power hungry as Sophie Ann was. And I hate how he keeps saying that "there's nothing he can do", he's "bound by the authority", wah wah wah. Seems to me like he just doesn't give a crap. He's a hidden agenda kinda' guy.
Vampire entrapment: "You say you've been framed? Off with your head!" - and by that he means stake through your heart...
2. Portia Bellefleur: the perfect case of looks good on paper but... I don't really like this woman. Yep, she and Bill are now bumping uglies. I would consider her a serious downgrade from Sookie. Something tells me that in an episode or two, she'll be bleeding somehow. Broken nose, vamp bite, wolf bite... Ah, one can only hope!
"If you want to [bite me]", she says suggestively to Bill. Tramp.
3. Daddy Bill. I love love love Jessica. I especially liked her when she was forced to figure out how to be a vampire on her own. I don't really like how chummy and lovey-dovey her relationship with Bill has become. Maybe it's because I don't really like Bill... Like, they tell each other stuff now. Weird.
"Bill, I am not stupid! I'm just unfaithfuland really guilty," - Jessica. Yeah, Jess. You smell like fangbanger.

Now, I will always have a soft spot for Jessica. I think she's sweet and brave and deep down is a good soul. She did, however, do something that really really disappointed meshe glamored Hoyt. =(
::Insert rattlesnake-y sound effect here::

Another storyline that's falling a bit flat for me is the one with Jason and the Hotshot werepanthers. Werepanthers could have been cool, although in all honesty I think there are a bit too many supers in the mix already, but I'm not sure where this is going. And not in the I'm-not-sure-where-this-is-going-I'm-so-excited sort of way, but in the I'm-not-sure-where-this-is-going-and-I-don't-really-care sort of way.
Jason gets a uniform but hasn't worn it in two episodes. Instead he's scabby and muddy and gross in the same outfit he's been in for days. Not to mention the bodily juices from all the hotshot biddies he's had to "mate" with. Stanky!
Speaking of biddies, what about that Crystal? Dirty, maniacal, strung-out Crystal. I did NOT like you for Jason before and now I definitely like you even less.
I wonder what she's trying to achieve with those curlers... She hasn't washed in days/weeks. As if her hair will hold!

In other news:

Remember that creepy doll from the end of Season 3? The one in Hoyt and Jessica's new house? This one:
Well, despite repeated attempts to get rid off it (being thrown in the dump by Hoyt, and later into a lake by Jessica), it keeps reappearing in their house. So as a last ditch effort, Jessica gives the doll to Arlene's baby.
Yep. Smart. Give the demon-doll to the child of evil. I smell trou-ble...

Alcide's Back!
He's soooo not over Sookie.
Sookie goes to Alcide, who now lives in Shreveport, asking for help with caring for the amnesiac Eric. But unbeknownst to Sookie, he brought a friend...
Debbie's back too!
Awww!!! Looks like Sook's not enjoying it though...
Well, needless to say, Sookie's still a bit traumatized by the fact that Debbie tried to kill her last season. Naturally, Sookie leaves. I kinda like New-Debbie. Like, Sookie said, she looks happy and healthy. I give it til episode six.

You know who else is back?!
Hi Claudine!
Claudine returns demanding Sookie leave with her back to their plane of existence. Sookie refuses of course. And Claudine goes into a spiel about how she's always protected Sookie from a distance, awakening the light inside of her and stuff. As Sookie turns to head back inside, Eric quickly grabs Claudine and drains herwhich he claims was an accident...
Bye Claudine!

You know who ELSE is back?!
Our favorite incredible gullible screaming human!!!
Naturally, she screamed.

Yup, that's Jesus with her. You see, after Eric's attack on Marnie the witches got their panties in a twist. Some wanted to call the cops, to bring him to justice, but Lafayette, having known Eric from previous encounters thought he knew better. He was going to Eric and beg for mercy. But since Eric was hiding in Sookie's house, he went to Fangtasia, against Jesus' and Tara's vehement objections, and found this episode's saving grace:

"GoodeveningFangtasia,NorthernLouisiana'smostfangtasticclub, whaddaya want?"
Despite Lafayette's pleas for mercy and lenience, Pam would have none of it. Her loyalty to Eric is unmatched. Anyone who touched her maker is as good as dead, I mean truly dead.

Let me present the highlight of this episode. I call it "Pam's Threat". Enjoy!

Oh PS. If you're at work you should probs turn the volume down. Pam's language is a bit colorful.

You gotta love a badass chick. And that jacket!
I'm really excited to see Pam's character featured more. What with Eric incapacitated and being his right-hand woman, she is going to not only have to run his business and see to his responsibilities as Sheriff, but she will need to get his memory back. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of her. Thank goodness!!! Loves her!

Teasers from next episode:
Nan's back! And she looks like she's pissed at Bill!
Jason's still in Hotshot... And it looks like a lovestruck tween is threatening to cut off his "thing" if he won't mate with her. These girls start young!
Bill searches Sookie's house for Eric. Jerk!
Pam comes face to face with Marnie. AKDHSJHAFSJF!!!
Marnie, I think you have something in your eye.
Jessica getting all fanged up.
I wonder what on earth could freak Terry Bellefleur out?!
I have a feeling it has something to do with this little guy...
BBQ with the Mickens! Melinda's back too!
I have a sick feeling Crystal and Felton were successful... and that this is Jason...
Eric and Sookie. Is he going in for the kill or a kiss?!


That's all for now!!!

Be back soon!!!

Images and Video clip captured from my screen. Credits to HBO.

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