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Saturday, June 25, 2011

WTW?! 1: Earrings For Today's Tweens

Normally, my posts are dripping with optimism and have a cheese factor on overdrive, but as I was doing the groceries today, I was shocked by a product and had to do a double take. Which in turn has inspired me to come up with a new post label: What the WHAT?! The posts in this series are inspired by sights, sounds, events or ideas that just boggle my mind or irritate me (hopefully these posts will be few and far between, I'm not much of a complainer). And so, as the first item in this brand new series, I present to you:

Swastika Earrings for the Aspiring Hitlerette
Sooo fetch!(?)

Need a closer look? Here:
They really are swastikas! aakjdfhaksjdfhak

Granted, I've heard tell that the swastika has roots in numerous South Asian religions and is a symbol of well-being. Unfortunately, it is also a symbol that brings images of the SS Guard, Auschwitz and all the other ghastly horrors of the Nazi Partyan altogether more prevalent association. With this in mind, I was completely caught off-guard when I saw these earrings hanging on a rack at a popular grocery chain.

Hindu rune for well-being? Or Nazi banner? I guess it could go either way; but if I wanted an accessory that read as 'well-being', I think I'll pass on the swastika apparel.

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