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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People Watch: Vice Ganda - sneak PREVIEW

Last week I finally bought myself a copy of PREVIEW magazine's June issue. If you are a gender warrior like myself, and you love fashion then all the more reason to grab yourself your own copy. As I was leafing through the pages, I was very very pleasantly surprised. Before me, in a look inspired by Lucille Ball began an editorial spread featuring the Philippines' current "it" funny fake lady...


PREVIEW is the Philippines' top-selling fashion magazine. It regularly showcases editorial couture, RTW, beauty and lifestyle extravaganza and eleganza that make you GAG (in drag lingo that's a GOOD thing)! So I was absolutely delighted to find a queer personality featured in a spread in one of Manila's top mainstream magazines. I would like to present to you some teasers from Vice Ganda's editorial spread (hopefully sans copyright infringement suits).

The concept of the shoot was to style Vice as icons from the 50's to the 90's. Here are some close ups, but do grab yourself a copy for his complete head-to-toe transformations in the full spread!

Vice love Lucy!

Do you believe in Vice after love?

Sonny with a chance of Vice. I got you, babe!

Don't cry for me Pilipinas!

Like a prayer, Vice will take you there!

Smells like teen spirit!

I must commend the PREVIEW team for making this wonderful shoot happen. It's not everyday that the general public is presented with a queer personality highlighted in a classy, artistic and beautiful and truly respectable way. Oftentimes we, the queer community, are the butt of jokes, laughed atnot with. Rarely does a RuPaul, Isis King or Chaz Bono penetrate the mainstream's gaze and garner a following outside of the queer community. So kudos, PREVIEW magazineto your open minds and pages.

Seriously. For me, a fashion spread featuring a queer personality may be a small step in gaining recognition and respect for the marginalized LGBTQ communitybut it's also a big deal. The clincher for me is that this best-selling magazine chose a queer commedien(ne) for a spread, not as a gag or a joke (despite Vice's being a comediansweet irony?), but as a true editorial spread that serves some fierce face, character and fashion.

And does Vice Ganda serve it! Her commitment to the characters in this spread would put many of Tyra's Top Models to shame.

Armed with an unapologetic brand of humor, razor-sharp comedic timing, cunning wit and ability to make fun of himself, Vice will have you gasping for breath. His comedy coupled with his unique mix of hard-edge/sometimes-androge-sometimes-femme style sensibility have catapulted him into the hearts and TV screens of millions of Filipinos viewers (and now fashionphiles' lookbooks). Vice shares more on his comedic and fashion influences in the magazine.

Critics may sometimes find some of his comedy to be too raunchy or tongue in cheek, but how can anyone expect to be groundbreaking without pushing some buttons? And by landing this spread, I think we can safely say that Vice Ganda has mothereffin' broke ground. The Filipino public will need more than a twelve-step program to give up this Vice. 

Recently, rumors have surfaced linking Vice to a well-known mainstream actor. Escándalo! But whether these stories are true or not, all I can say is:

You GO Mama!

Vice's Spread in PREVIEW magazine's June Issue is entitled: SHOWTIME! It's accompanying story is written by Vicky Montenegro (Interviewed by Erika Hoffman); styled by Daryl Chang, Shot by BJ Pascual; Makeup: Owen Sarmiento of MAC Cosmetics; Hair: Buern Rodriguez for Tony Galvez Salon; Art Direction: Vince Uy; Nails: Regie Valencia of Nail Spa.

Other stunning spreads in the issue: The Last Temptation, Genie in a Bottle, and White Ladyvisual smorgasbord!

Images From:
Pictures snagged from PREVIEW magazine: June Issue. SHOWTIME!

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