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Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is Just One Reason Why I've Been MIA

Here's a pic of my preggo baby, Bailey.

She's been expecting since Saturday and could pop any time this week. Once she's delivered, and she and the puppies are doing okay, I'll spend a day writing entries and shizz. Til then!


  1. Wow, she's really pregnant.

    Did I mention how Za is a terrific name for a pup?

  2. @Za - Haha our kennel is required to begin each of our puppies' names with the same letter: G.

    @Jenny - 4 babieeessssss!!! Once you get past the poop/guts/blood smell they really really are cute =)

    So our puppies' official names (once they're registered) will be:

    (in order of appearance)

    1. Grand Opening of the LoveShack - Black Female
    2. Gressa Noire of the LoveShack - Black Female
    3. Golden Boy of the LoveShack - Café au Lait (yes, that's an actual registered poodle color) Male
    4. Grindelwald of the LoveShack - Black Male

  3. Haha, Solution: Grand Golden Boy Za of the LoveShack?

    Congrats man! Hope they are all healthy.

  4. if i can ask.. what's the breed? they're are cute but once they start breaking/ripping all your clothes.. they ain't so cute! haha..