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Monday, December 12, 2011

An Ode to Twins, Love and Vincent Malloy


In lieu of offering a traditional speech,
I offer a poem today by this beach.
My name is Geo, from the side of the bride.
Here's my attempt to share what I feel inside.

But before I begin, if you would all please,
I'd like to give a toast to Diego and Eloise



This story begins with Vincent Malloy,
A different and oft misunderstood boy.
See, Eloise feels this Tim Burton connection.
Even now as her 'single' life has brought down its curtains.

Though we've know each other for just a relatively short time,
We are Twins in spirit, one's reason to the other's rhyme.
Our similar souls shared in two separate entities.
And the ways we differ are absolutely complimentary.

I, Lady GaGa, and she, Vincent Malloy.
Of course I'm the girl and she is the boy!
A Twinstant Soul Connectionwe immediately knew,
But there's another thing we know that is equally true:

There exists another connection, different but the same,
And we often call it by many different names.

The One. My All. The Love of My Life.
A Man. A Woman. A Husband and Wife.

In laughter and tears, Iwi and I have been through a lot,
But Diego will be there in ways that I simply cannot.
It's in the way he's always with her without being right there.
It's in how we all know he loves her that makes her care—

About the future and grown-up things that Twins don't always consider.
It's in how she absolutely loves him whether he's with or not with her.

If we were made Twins to the core.
They were made FOR each other. 
Now that's for sure.

I can happily say goodbye to Eloise this time,
Because I have faith that Diego is every reason to her rhymes.
Their One. Their All. The Loves of Each Other's Lives.
Her Man. His Woman. A Husband and Wife.

And as this beautiful day has unfurled.
It is clear that Diego is the boy to Iwi's girl.
It seems my poem has reached its very last part.
I'd now like to present a song of when Diego opened Eloise's heart.

Image of Vincent Malloy from:
For the Vincent Malloy short movie by Tim Burton click here.
Official music Video of Head Over Feet click here.
For my YouTube page click here.

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  1. that poem was the sweetest thing a friend could do for her friend!...

  2. friend could do for her friend!...