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Monday, July 1, 2013

Whine and Dine: Yummy Soy

As a Filipino, I grew up drinking taho in the mornings, but as an adult, I rarely find myself craving its sweet syrupy soy-based goodness.

As most of my friends can tell you, I do not possess a sweet tooth. My snacks of choice usually have to be something salty or savory. Healthy eatingwhuzzat? Give me grease and artificial flavorings any day.

So you can imagine my initial disappointment when my midday meeting was scheduled at this new-soy based refreshment joint at the FortYummy Soy, which apparently is all the rage in Singapore.

I was very pleasantly surprised, though. I ordered a strawberry-flavored delight while my companion got the hazelnut.
Clockwise from top: Hazelnut, Strawberry and Original

Silky Strawberry Goodness!

Before I knew it, I had finished my own cup and had started shoveling into the temporarily unattended hazelnut cup of my companion.

It was a surprisingly delicious and light snacknot to mention healthy too. I would definitely eat more of this stuff!

Having this snack got me thinking, maybe there is something to eating a little bit healthier... Next stepquit smoking!!!

Yeah right... Good luck.

Anywho, I do recommend that you guys try this the next time you're in the Fort. Like I said, it's a light snack, with a deliciously fresh taste, aaand it's good for you =)

Yummy Soy is located on the Fort Strip, between K Pub and Modern Sichuan, two more restaurants I want to try!

Happy eating and til next time!

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